Samsung Galaxy S4 vs. Apple iPhone: Which of them is more Rugged?

Now, unlike the Sony Xperia Z, neither the Galaxy S4 nor the iPhone has claimed to be really rugged. Nevertheless, users can get clumsy with even their high-end smartphones. So we decided to test these two phones to see how well they performed after being dropped down ‘accidentally’.

Both the smartphones were dropped from a chest height and from a pocket height, and the good news is that they both did well. So if you own an iPhone 5 or are considering buying a Galaxy S4, you can be a little relieved. However, when dropped from a height of 7 feet, while the iPhone 5 escaped with just a few minor scratches to its body, the Galaxy S4 ended up with a cracked screen.

Between the two phones, the Galaxy S4 clearly seems to be the weaker, even though it did fare better than its predecessor, the Galaxy S3. The testers made sure that they didn’t put any screen guards on the phones’ displays, nor was there any additional covering or casing on the bodies.… Read the rest

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iPhone5: The Most Durable And Repair – Friendly Smart Phone Ever

Just few hours following iPhone 5’s debut, tech wizards have already started testing the device’s inner strength and power.

There are many tech freaks, who are taking a drop test with the iPhone 5, only to conclude it to be the most durable and repair-friendly smartphone ever.

See why Apple removed You Tube App from iphone5:

As per the latest report, iPhone 5 is the most repairable phone Apple has ever made.

Smashing the records of all earlier phones, Apple Inc has made this sixth-generation iPhone 5 with a scratch resistant front glass. The glass is strong, lighter, and therefore, will last for a long time. The aluminum casing of the iPhone 5 makes it impactful and tough.

As reported in VentureBeat, Kyle Wiens, head of iFixit expects iPhone 5 to mark a new, more repair-friendly kind of iPhone. He says, “I think Apple is finally paying attention to what consumers really need.”

Getting a thumbs-up not only for strength, the iPhone 5 is also easy to handle and maintain. The screen of the phone is far easier to remove as compared to its predecessors- the iPhone 4 and 4S.

Along with offering users a durable choice, iPhone 5 is also sleek, smart, and stylish along with being light and thin.

Making the device easy to fix also makes it easy for Apple to repair it.

Another point noted by some techies is that black model could be more prone to scratches as compared to the white model as there’s a slate colored coating at the edges of the black model, which could easily come off revealing bare metal beneath. So I guess for iPhone 5, it is ok to drop your device, but not good to rub against the edges.

So which color do you think makes a good deal?

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