Dead Rising 3 Review: Third Release of Capcom, Zombie Permit Walking Ably

The third release of Capcom’s, more ludicrous zombie permit walking ably between series trademark and approachability!

Dead Rising 3 designs a fine difference between running the weird mission infrastructure and stripped quirkiness. Fortunately, the game comes with close to discovering a happy medium between the slightly more conventional open –World … Read the rest

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Top 3 Games Premier of Assassins Creed 4 Black Flag, Dead Rising 3, Need For Speed Rivals:The Xbox One To Pounce With Thunder

November is going to be a huge month of console gamers with both the Xbox One and the PlayStation 3 slated to be released. Pre release surveys have revealed a lot about what gamers think about the two consoles and the consensus seems to be that the PlayStation is … Read the rest

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Plant vs Zombies 2 vs Dead Rising 3: The Wacky Zombies To Snap You Out of Sleep

plants vs zombies, dead rising 3, mad hatter on batmanThe closing of 2013 is going to get lucky for gaming fans. We are likely to see the release of two much-awaited games: Plats Vs. Zombies and Dead Rising 3.

It’s likely that PopCap Games, developers of Plants vs. Zombies, are all set to … Read the rest

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