Cyanogen Releases Cyanogenmod 12 For OnePlus One But Fans Are Complaining About Loops Already

Two latest releases OnePlus One and the Yureka from Micromax subsidiary Yu will now feature the latest operating system CyanogenMod 12 (CM12). The latest OS from Cyanogen is based on Android 5.0 Lollipop.  The update is currently available via side loading or over the air for a slew of smartphones. In case you happen to own the OnePlus One, gear up to face limitations and drawbacks post-updating to the new OS.

 Cyanogen Releases Cyanogenmod 12 For OnePlus OnDespite being laced with a spec that allows you to see your phone screen light up once any notification pops in, users are facing issues with this. Also, you may have to bid goodbye to data toggle on the home screen as well as on the quick settings on the OnePlus One.

 A plausible solution could be getting the Data Toggle 5.0 app on board. Again, this is possible when the phone is rooted. The worst drawback when you update your OnePlus One with the new OS is non-availability of lock screen widget.

We indeed loved the feature that allowed us to create a custom button for volume adjustment on the CM11 OS fed OnePlus One but with the brand  new CM12 update, this is just a thing of past.

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Cyanogen CM12S Update To Launch Soon For Loyalists

Does Cyanogen Stand A Chance Against Android?Sure, OnePlus released their in-house operating system, the OxygenOS over the weekend to get over its Cyanogen stalemate. Cyanogen engaged in an exclusive contract with Micromax and pushed OnePlus to the corner. While many users are experimenting with the OxygenOS and testing it out, most are not impressed with the features and would like to stick to the earlier ROM.

Luckily for them, Cyanogen’s Steve Kondik has said on Google+ that the ROM could release in a couple of days. In a reply to a post, he says, “It’s just as frustrating for us because we are in scramble mode and really want to ship our hard work. Hopefully we’ll get the signoff in the next day or two. We’ll immediately send the OTA as soon as we get that email”.

If you have been planning to get the OxygenOS update for your OnePlus hadnset, you might want to hold it off to see how it fares and wait for our review in a day or two. If it’s not any good, you might want to wait for the Cyanogen CM12S update. However, if you still want to get your hands on the OxygenOS, you can install the update here.

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Does Cyanogen Stand A Chance Against Android?

At a time when the Android Smartphones are ruling the market, all new firm is set to poseDoes Cyanogen Stand A Chance Against Android? tough competition against them. Cyanogen is all set to build a new platform for smartphones and has approached Microsoft as well as Yahoo for assistance on the work. Kirt McMaster, the CEO of the company has recently criticized Android and iOS for just being “shells” of Apple and Google services.

The company has not just stopped to complain about Google Play, YouTube or Gmail requiring OEM for usage but also declared, “We’re going to take Android away from Google.” While the news has raised eyebrows for many, most of the techies do not consider it to be a big threat for Android, as it is extremely tough for a start-up to outcast the giants.

It has also come to light that Cyanogen has failed to befriend Samsung, the largest maker of Android phones, with the claim that the Korean manufacturer could not have built a better operating system. Cyanogen, which had earlier tied-up with Shenzen One Plus and Micromax, has faced some legal issues in India, which has affected the company’s fate adversely. Therefore, seems to be a long way for the company before they stand a chance against Android.

Earlier, Amazon and Microsoft had made efforts of conquering the market with their smartphones but failed. Amazon even recorded a loss of $170 million after their first unsuccessful effort and may give another try by tying up with Cyanogen but it’s a wonder if they will be able to pull it off this time.… Read the rest

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