College Students, Get Set for the “Great Space Race” on Dropbox



Space is important, and especially for college students. No, we don’t mean physical space – which we can somehow manage. We’re talking about virtual space, where all our photos and music and documents can be stored safely. That’s why Dropbox has announced The … Read the rest

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Google Revises BigQuery, Its Data Offering App

In a recent official blog, Google Inc. announced upgrading two latest user-friendly features for BigQuery, which is the firm’s popular big-data offering application.

A safe, reliable, cheap, and secure operation, BigQuery lets users analyze Big Data stored in the cloud using SQL. Using BigQuery, consumers get an insight into the … Read the rest

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Introducing Updated Google Chrome OS…

Google Chrome continues to get better and better to offer you a smooth and easy online experience. And with pets on the desktop, storing files in the cloud, and a slimmed down app-list, Google’s Chrome has just got a lot more fresh and fun.

Google recently announced the updated version … Read the rest

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Users Can’t Store Nudity or Profanity in Microsoft’s Cloud!

Providers of Cloud Storage services are working on to simplify the life of users even more. Services such as Box, Dropbox, Google Drive, and SugarSync are trying to get a shift in how users deal with content on a daily basis.

In this technologically advanced world, it is important for … Read the rest

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