Google has found the Easiest to Use Internet TV, Chromecast.

Google has been trying to get into TVs for years and has come up with seemingly the most elegant and the easiest to use internet TV, Chromecast . Instead of going the smart TV way, think Apple TV or Roku – Google has decided to use the TV as just a display screen, not a computer.

Chromecast at a glance:

A USB sized wireless receiver, all Chromecast does is pull video from the internet or even content from a laptop or PC – and then displays it on HDTVs. What this means for a consumer is that they don’t need to splurge on a smart TV because all the computing is done on the network cloud or by external devices. A smart phone, tablet or laptop acts the remote control, another elegant solution! This has two major benefits – Firstly, Chromecast is cheap because it doesn’t require any extra processing or memory. Secondly, and more importantly – it is a simple platform that allows content providers to easily plug in, a major issue for Smart TVs till date.

The easiest to use internet TV, Chromecast – is truly a case of simpler being smarter.  … Read the rest

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