The Truth Behind Nexus 10 2 Release Date is at CES 2014



The yet to be released Nexus 10 2 is likely to occur in the coming week through CES 2014 in Las Vegas and Android analyst have received two strong indications that will make the Google device stand in competition to iPad Air.

Formerly, Nexus 10 2 was though to release in October in 2013 but the 2013 Black Friday and Cyber Monday deals went away and the 10.1 inch device missed the action. Now Nexus fans have again got a hope that Google will serve the much awaited released in the CES of 2014, where the fresh Nexus 10 will be uncloaked. There are two convincing signs that leads to the unfolding of Nexus 10 2 on Jan 7th.

Samsung plans to push a set of new release and the Galaxy producer is all set to use CES as a launching platform. What does this means with the release of Nexus 10 2?

A lot of expectation has been set after the release of first Nexus 10 edition, so the likelihood of Samsung is very high. LG and Asus were considered for the Nexus 10 release but they didn’t pan out. Google ha previously announced that Google will design the Nexus 10 2 which shall be released after the Nexus 7 2 release. Samsung will provide the toughest hardware for Nexus 10 2.

At present, it is expected that the tablet will feature 10.5 inch display with AMOLED Technology or could come with 12 or 13 inch slate which can be converted into a laptop wen connected to a keyboard.

Analysts have observed that Google and its retail distributors are offering great discount for the Nexus and 2012 Nexus 7 variant. The price of the gadgets has been slashed of to $50 and the move has gained speed due to the depletion of the present stock. The rumours for Nexus 10 2 is real and the potential users will just need to wait for few more day to get it in hand.

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CES 2014: iPhone6 vs iPhone 6 XL vs iPhone 6 mini; Who Will Beat Samsung?

Apple-OS-XThe CES 2014 or the International Consumer Electronic Show is just few days away from opening New Year technology celebration with the release of latest gadgets in the world. Fans are waiting for the release of new legendary handsets from Apple, Samsung and Sony. But what all will Apple showcase this year at CES 2014

Apple iPhone 6

Apple might showcase the iPhone 6 in the CE 2014. It still remains unclear whether it could be present in the upcoming CES event as the release date of the gadget has been marked in the summers. Speculations state that the new iPhone device will come in the month of June 2014. Analysts suggest that it will come in three sizes, iPhone 6 mini, iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 XL. Thus, Apple is trying to create different sizes for one generation. The speculated functions include:

  • Near Field Communication
  • iOS 8
  • 128GB version
  • Gesture controlling home button
  • Eye tracking, supportive wireless charging
  • 4.8 inches IGZO and Retina
  • 1080 full HD resolution screen
  • Enhanced A7 processor

There are rumours that Apple could come up with iWatch and new Apple TV and it looks like 2014 could be seen in the year 2014. Apple could release larger iPad and even better Mac laptops. The first few months will be quiet for Apple at the CES 2014, but the coming March and April and the months beyond that will be surely be exciting for Apple as the company has a lot in store for its fans.  Will the iWatchfinally make its debut in the ear 2014? What all changes will the new iPad Air adorn and what will be the reaction of people for the dazzling new flagship release of Apple iPhone, the iPhone 6.

However, right now we wait for the release of gadgets from Apple at the CES 2014

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