CES 2015: Tech Gadgets That Truly Fascinated Us

The much awaited Consumer Electronic Show 2015 is over but it has left us wagging our tongues even today. Held at Las Vegas, the show was a complete delight for Appliances to watch out in CES 2015technology enthusiasts from the world over as they gathered to get a look at some regular launches and some interesting releases.

Here are what we think are some of the key appliances and categories seen at CES 2015:

Cheap Televisions

Time has come when you should be saying goodbye to your standard 1080 pixel television. CES 2015 saw the latest technology in televisions as one saw 4K as well as 5k televisions that will change the way we have seen television. Apart from that, there was the release of 3D screens. All of this gives a truly interesting visual experience to the viewer. For the layman, a 4K television refers to images that stretch 4000 pixel wide and give you an incredible resolution.

Connected Home Technology

Ces 2015 interesting gadgetsMany interesting things were launched for home. While most of them were concepts, it got homemakers smiling for how easy life could get very, very soon. Apart from launching a wide range of smart cloud products, Haier has launched the Air Rubik, which is a modular product meant to provide many functions simultaneously–humidification, purification, freshening, and dehumidifying. LG also made an interesting launch-a washing machine that can be controlled with a mobile app.

Energy Management Appliances

CES 2015 saw a special range of energy management appliances such as refrigerators and thermostats designed to help you intelligently manage energy and give maximum output with minimum endeavor.

Wearable Health Gadgets

Health has become a priority for people today and there are many apps and gadgets to help us do that. This time round too, there were some interesting launches in this line at CES 2015 such as the Fitlinxx Ampstrip glue-on heart-rate monitor that can be placed on the ribs to constant monitoring. There was also a Gymwatch that came from Germany. It works as a self coach that helps in self training.… Read the rest

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CES 2015: 4K, 5K And Curved Displays Unveiled By HP

hp 4k screen launched ces2015With high resolution displays becoming the norm of the day, HP has come up some of these at CES 2015. The company seems to be on the expansion mode and has come up with two 4K models and the first of 5 K model in the series.

HP is also launching its extra wide curved display, though users might be disappointed a bit as it does not reach 4K resolution immediately. Most of these displays to be launched by HP would be priced at under $1000.

A unique fact about the two 4K models that HP is coming up is the similarity in their designs expect for their size. Z24s and Z27s are 23.8 and 27 inch in display and have an aspect ratio of 16:9 with a 4 K resolution to follow.

This brings out the pixel density to be 185ppi for the Z24s model and 163 ppi for the Z27s model. Each of these models has 4 USB 3.0 ports and has a mixture of HDMI along with mini display port and other inputs.

Z24s has been priced at $549 and will be available from April while Z27s is likely to be priced at $749 and will be available from last quarter of January. Talking of the 5K display, the Z27q will be a 27 inch, 16:9, 5K display which is likely to have a 218 ppi pixel density. The 5K display just like the 4K will have 4 USB 3.0 ports and would be available from March 2015 for $1,299.

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CES 2015 Nvidia: Tegra X1 Superchip Launched for Cars, Mobile Phones

Nvidia has launched the Tegra X1 superchip for mobile phones. This mobile processor is expected to work much like a CPU with its 1 teraflop floating point performance. CES 2015 saw the launch of the superchip for cars and mobile phones with a quality much like a quality gaming console

With nvidia tergra x1Nvidia Tegra X1 were launched two new technologies for cars that would use the chip. While the Drive PX is meant for development of auto pilot capabilities, the Drive CX is meant to provide stunning car infotainment displays in the time to come. The available systems until date only allow assisted parking and that too in a specific place. Nvidia Drive PX would enable cars to find open space in a parking garage and return to pick up the driver when required. The driver can be summoned with help of a smartphone call too!

In contrast, the Nvidia Drive CX cockpit computer has advanced graphic solutions that allows the computer to navigate and monitor driving. Surround vision is enabled in the Nvidia Drive CX cockpit mode and it allows for a 360 degree view of the car in real time. This can solve the problem of blind spots to a large extent.

With this innovation from Nvidia becoming a reality, effortless driving is all set to become a reality. The complete solution package will be available in the market by second quarter of 2015.… Read the rest

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Drone Cameras, Smartbelt And More At CES 2015

Possibly no exhibition sees the surge of technology releases that the Consumer Electronics Show held n Las Vegas enjoys every year. This time around time, news is already coming in about the interesting launches one will see at CES. We’ll bring you all the updates as and when they happen. Meanwhile, here are some of the interesting things we can expect to see:

Ring for your phone: When it comes to wearable technology, we’re always looking for something interesting. This time round, it’s going to be a ring that allows you to manage you phone! Use the hand to make certain gestures and allow your phone to do its job.

XYZ 3D printer CES 2015XYZ 3D Food printer: There is going to be a food printer that allows you to enjoy three-dimensional design for icing and to make cookies.

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Drone cameras: We are set to see Drone cameras making an impressive appearance at CES 2015. They are going to get smarter and more interesting.

Smartbelt: Perhaps the most intriguing of all launches will be a smart belt. Yes that’s right. Belty (as the gadget is being called) works to monitor your fitness and changes size when you are sitting down or standing upright.… Read the rest

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CES 2015 Preview: Nvidia, HP to Make Smart Launches

CES 2015 PreviewA CES 2015 preview suggests a slate of new launches and announcements as the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) is set to commence. Most of them seem like exciting introductions to the technology industry. Let’s take a look at the preliminary displays done at CES 2015, which very well implicate the flavor of the events that we can expect to unfold:

  1. HP’s 4K, 5K curved TVs: Yes, HP is making new inroads in the entertainment sector with the introduction of its first 5K television. Along with that, two new models of the 4K television have also been launched. All of these are priced under $1000.
  2. Nvidia’s Tegra X1 superchip for the mobile: We can expect to see high quality gaming on mobile phones very soon if the Tegra X1 graphics card launched at CES proves to be as powerful as Nvidia CEO Jen-Hsun Huang suggests.
  3. Don’t expect Samsung to launch any new mobiles just yet. They reserve it for the later part of the year. Instead, we can expect to see some interesting new TVs and home appliances from the Korean manufacturer.

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