Audi’s Laser Headlamps, Samsung Galaxy Tab Pros Trio, Valve’s SteamOS Platform: Who Won The Headlines At CES 2014?

Audi Laserlight headlampsWell, the CES 2014 is over and we saw some truly spectacular launches. We saw the latest wearables, amazing concept cars, intelligent gadgets and more! Check out the best of CES 2014 at Las Vegas:

  1. Audi’s Laser Headlamps

The German auto manufacturer displayed an impressive concept vehicle with aerodynamic headlamps. Using laser high beams and LED low beams, this one was a stunner.

  1. The new Samsung Galaxy Tab

Michael Bay released the excitingly new Samsung 10.5 inch curved 4K TV which became the talk of the day. It was more of a highlight in comparison to Samsung Galaxy Note Pro 12.2 and Samsung Galaxy Tab Pros trio.

  1. Valve’s SteamOS Platform

Valve unveiled the 13 hardware partners Steam Machine with interesting configurations and designs. It will be amazing to see how developers feel about Valve’s SteamOS and make it an interesting platform for their games.

  1. PlayStation Now!!

Sony bought Gaikai before unveiling PS4 and was silent about streaming service of video games. The brand waited for CES to bring PlayStation Now in the limelight. It will allow gamers to stream PS3 titles to PS4 and even Sony Bravia TV without any consoles.

  1. Razer’s new Assignment Christine is Big

The new concept of Razor of designing 100%modular gaming PC is not complete as it stole little bit from Valve’s Steam Machines legion.

  1. Oculus Rift goes Better with Time

The Oculus Rift improvises by leaps each time we come across a new version. This time it is the Oculus Rift Crystal Cove with a more immersive experience as the full movement of the upper body of the wearer can be detected.

  1. Steam Controller set in overdrive

We checked out the Valve’s Steam Controller at CES. It was amazingly light, excitingly creative and insanely precise. Though the controller cannot match keyboard or mouse but it will great for gamepad.

  1. Smartwatches and bands release

The smart wearables are out for a while now and CES 2014 has taken it by storm. Right from Sony Core to LG Lifeband Touch and RazerNabu, there are amazing options to select from.

  1. T-Mobile Offer to Pay ETF for New Users

This was a big one! In a bid to outgrow competitors, T-Mobile CEO John Legere has offered to pay early termination fee for users who switch from other carriers.… Read the rest

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After CES 2014, It’s Lenovo ThinkPad 8 vs Samsung Galaxy Tab Pro 10.2 vs iPad Air Vs Microsoft Surface Pro 2

ipad air vs google nexus 10 vs microsot surface tab vs lenovo thinkpad 8There is a tablet fever in the air and it’s only beginning to heat up. As the winter chill brazens, lets wind up with a comparison tale among the three giants we’re waiting to see–Samsung Galaxy Tab Pro 10.2, Apple iPad Air and Microsoft Surface Pro 2.

Samsung Galaxy Tab Pro 10.2
With the Samsung Galaxy Tab Pro 10.2 features, we expect multitasking gain an all-new height. This one is fighting against Google Nexus 10 2. With superb specs such as the below, it could indeed set a new benchmark in the tab-infested world of Android:

  • 10.1” touch screen
  • 2560 × 1600 pixel resolution
  • Octa-core 1.9GHz Samsung Exynos 5420 processor
  • 8MP back shutter
  • 2GB RAM
  • 32GB internal memory
  • Not to forget – Android 4.4.2 KitKat

Apple iPad Air
Apple looks to do so much more this season with its massive iPad Air, which is competition against Google Nexus 10. This is a fifth-generation iPad and has got a renovation like never before. In terms of GPU and CPU power, Apple tales the cake away—again. With an A7 chip, what else was expected? The Apple iPad Air features could offer 8 times faster performance against its predecessor. Of note are more seductive features that include:

  • 9.7 inches display
  • 2048 x 1536 pixels
  • 5MP rear shutter
  • Dual core, 1400 MHz, Cyclone processor
  • 16 GB internal storage
  • Not to forget-  iOS 7

Microsoft Surface Pro 2
A brave step from Microsoft, the Surface Pro 2 has oodles of good looks and portability. However, we fear if it can live up against the Android kids from the Korean and Cupertino giants. Here is a sneak peek into what the Surface Pro 2 features we’d like:

  • Windows RT 8.1
  • 10.6 inches screen
  • 1920 x 1080 pixels
  • 5 MP rear shutter
  • Quad core, 1700 MHz, ARM Cortex-A15
  • 32 GB internal memory
  • Not to Forget- Windows RT 8.1

Interestingly, all of these will have to face some competition from the Lenovo ThinkPad 8, which was revealed at CES 2014. Using the Windows 8 operating system, this is a convertible tablet with a full 1080p display. When you need a bigger display, one can simply attach it to a bigger screen using a mini HDMI port and use it as a PC. It also has a USB port. Lenovo ThinkPad 8 also comes with 4G LTE/3G, which many previous tablets don’t offer.

Yes, like we said, the war has only begun to hear up. … Read the rest

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Google Nexus 10 2 Release: No Show At CES 2014, Samsung Ignore Google For Notepro And Tabpro Lines

314191_291772190923888_1095826151_nAmid rumors that the already famous Google Nexus 10 2 will arrive with a bang in CES 2014, here is a damper for fans and loyalists. Seems like the makers have decided to do a Nexus 10 2 no show at CES after all. However, Samsung has knocked in at the right moment to reveal news of its own line of super tabs in the making. This means that Samsung has no time to manufacture the Nexus 10 2 for Google.

 We had reported buzz that the Google Nexus 10 2 will feature:


  • AMOLED screen
  • Android 4.4 Kitkat OS

 Buzz also had that our loved Google could have a separate launch for the Nexus 10 2. On the other hand, Samsung has officially announced that it would unveil four tabs at CES today!

 The Galaxy NotePRO and the TabPRO series will finally be visible to us mortals. With such a cold shoulder development from Samsung, we suggest Google goes back to LG or ASUS.… Read the rest

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CES 2014: Think Pad Tablet 8 to Give Google Nexus 10 2 a Run for Its Money?

Windows 8 tablets have constantly been appearing for a while now and Lenovo has launched the 8-inch ThinkPad tab at the CES held in Las Vegas. The newest release in the 8-inch series is the ThinkPad Tablet 8 which could give tough competition to Nexus 10 2 which is also slated to release this year.CES 2014  It is the initial 8-inch release in the product line-up of the ThinkPad series

The device is all set to run on Windows 8.1 and will feature a display of 1920 x 1200 pixels resolution along with Intel bay Trail technique which brings out better performance of the device and extremely efficient battery life.

Specs of ThinkPad Tablet 8:

–      Features processor of Intel Z3770 Quad Core (Bay Trail Quad Core) clocked at 2.4GHz

–      Sports 8.3 inches display with FHD 1920 x 1200 resolution and 10 finger multiple touch screen

–      Operating System: Windows 8.1 with Office

–      2GB Memory\

–      Boasts of storage up to 128GB

–      Supports rear camera of 8MP (HD 1080p) and front camera of 2MP (HD 1080p)

–      Comes with ports: MicroUSB 3.0, Micro HDMI, Micro SIM

–      Supports communication via Wi-Fi, 3G and 4G LTE

–      Offers battery life of 8 hours

–      Weighs 430gm

–      The dimensions include 132mm x 224.3mm x 8.8mm

The ThinkPad Tab 8 is a full-fledged Windows gadget and includes Office from Lenovo. The Office inclusion has become a common place to be placed on Windows tablets as it is the biggest advantage of the other tablets of the segment. As the size of the tablet is small, it doesn’t come with keyboard option but features smart cover known as Quickshot Cover. The corners can be folded.

The device will be available from Lenovo offline and online stores in the late month of January and has been priced at $399

 … Read the rest

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CES 2014: Google Glass, Apple iWatch, Drive Automation And Contextual Computing

The CES 2014 could have some great tech with business implications due to the tech adoption in the business culture of today. The show will display some great developing technologies taking the tech industry ahead. The four biggest trends of CES 2014 is mentioned here. Take a look:

  1. Wearables

While Google Glass set the tech world on fire in 2013, anticipations for Apple iWatch is the most expected product of 2014. Thus, we see that the wearable technology is what’s next in the etch world. At CES, fanatics will see watches, wearable glasses and cameras and health trackers that can fit on the body. The wearable premise will slide smoothly in daily life of businessmen. Don’t underestimate the calibre of this segment in the year 2014.

CES 20142.     The Internet of Things

The Internet of things will contribute to the highest show at the CES 2014. You can connect them to cars, homes, lifestyles and appliances. Sensors and huge data contribute to drive automation. it restricts cluttering of time, putting info to work.

  1. Contextual Computing

This can be referred to as predictive computing. It is the same thing done by Google Now. It collects rough data and then uses it in the useful to help you forget about the roughness. It considers your location, preferences and history and transforms it to the present info as you need it

4.     Consumerization of business tech

The concluding trend to look out for is dot dotdot. It is continuance from previous year and will carried to next year. It is becoming more effective and productive with innovative tools rather than being stuck with traditional tools.

It was a smartphone and tablet tale, but now it is a computer story and CES is a perfect platform to display computer hardware and latest smartphones. CES is the stage to display next generation devices that corporates use in everyday work

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The Truth Behind Nexus 10 2 Release Date is at CES 2014



The yet to be released Nexus 10 2 is likely to occur in the coming week through CES 2014 in Las Vegas and Android analyst have received two strong indications that will make the Google device stand in competition to iPad Air.

Formerly, Nexus 10 2 was though to release in October in 2013 but the 2013 Black Friday and Cyber Monday deals went away and the 10.1 inch device missed the action. Now Nexus fans have again got a hope that Google will serve the much awaited released in the CES of 2014, where the fresh Nexus 10 will be uncloaked. There are two convincing signs that leads to the unfolding of Nexus 10 2 on Jan 7th.

Samsung plans to push a set of new release and the Galaxy producer is all set to use CES as a launching platform. What does this means with the release of Nexus 10 2?

A lot of expectation has been set after the release of first Nexus 10 edition, so the likelihood of Samsung is very high. LG and Asus were considered for the Nexus 10 release but they didn’t pan out. Google ha previously announced that Google will design the Nexus 10 2 which shall be released after the Nexus 7 2 release. Samsung will provide the toughest hardware for Nexus 10 2.

At present, it is expected that the tablet will feature 10.5 inch display with AMOLED Technology or could come with 12 or 13 inch slate which can be converted into a laptop wen connected to a keyboard.

Analysts have observed that Google and its retail distributors are offering great discount for the Nexus and 2012 Nexus 7 variant. The price of the gadgets has been slashed of to $50 and the move has gained speed due to the depletion of the present stock. The rumours for Nexus 10 2 is real and the potential users will just need to wait for few more day to get it in hand.

 … Read the rest

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CES 2014: iPhone 6 Enemy in Asus New 4, 5, and 6-inch Display Smartphones?

CES 2014In working for the gigantic occasion of CES 2014, which seems to occur in less than 2 weeks, ASUS released an amazing new video teaser on their YouTube account. The first video which the brand released was seen a few days ago hinted that ASUS was clueing some type of dual booting with the Windows and Android tablets

Now, they are again back with a new video, which has been titled as “What’s your number?” The video include balls that start falling from the top (sky) just like rain and for a small moment, the digits 4, 5 and 6 are seen on the screen. Few of the analysts believe it is a sign that ASUS hints the release of new smartphone line up with different screen sizes. The video just makes this sense seeking out the number tones that the balls lead when they hit the floor. You can check out the video for yourself too.

ASUS is all set to go live with their press event “In Search of Incredible” on the 6th of January on Monday at 12pm (PT) in India. The links display a countdown that has commenced already. Of course, the amalgamation of Windows and Android “Phandroid” will be served giving you hands-on whatever is declared, so just stay tuned.

This will surely be a new invention in the history of smartphones. However, the reactions of the people are still to be seen and known. The secret will be revealed in the coming New Year and all the phone aficionados are excited about the release and await impatiently for it. So, stay tuned for another new video release and look out for what ASUS has in store for us.… Read the rest

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CES 2014- Google Chromebooks, Valve Steambox, Steambox Games to Expect

181225_386268531490482_2129380042_nLaptops today have to be slimmer, last longer and have to be lighter in order for them to deal with our busy lives. With the new Windows Laptops and PC’s sporting all in one features and also touch screens – which is a basic necessity for Windows 8. 

Apart from this we also have the hybrids and convertibles and other systems that experiment using various functions or forms. While we were given a flood of new ideas such as the tablets, hybrids, Windows 8 and ultra books in the CES past shows, it seems that this year, the CES will be relatively less impressive. We can expect to see more refinements in these new concepts that were show cased last year that will lead to the creation to new technology that will be made available to all.   

The new launches in 2014 will be the Google Chrome books with all new updates; the hybrids will be sliding, folding, and bending into tablets. The Valve Steam box will also be big- this little gadget, no bigger than a console will able to connect the your TV, gaming consoles, and PC’s and you will be able to enjoy all PC games on your TV and also the range of Steam Box games that comes on its own separate OS.    … Read the rest

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iPhone 6 Vs Samsung Galaxy Note 3: What to Expect From These Phablets Post CES 2014?

samsung-galaxy-note-2-galaxy-s3-other-exynos-4-devices-encounter-major-security-flaw-offering-easy1Just few months ago, Samsung Galaxy Note 3 is battling the iPhone 5s. But the device will soon be seen fighting Apple 2014 release and stand against iPhone 6. The Galaxy Note 3 serves as the next flagship series after Galaxy S4. Note 3 will endure the competition till GS 5 is released.

At present iPhone 5s is ruling the iPhone series but soon iPhone 6 will overpower it with its bigger display and it will compete with Galaxy Note series.


The Samsung Note 3 is out and will be available for months to come till it is replaced by Galaxy Note 4, which could happen during the fall. However, till then Note 3 will be a viable competitor to Apple release next year. Apple sticks to its release date and plans to release the iPhone 6 in the summers. We expect 2 types of iPhone 6 this summer, just like iPhone 5s and iPhone5c


Rather using the plastic body design, Samsung has opted for plastic that looks like faux leather. It is different from the previous releases. The device is sleeker with just 8.3mm thickness and 168gm in weight. The iPhone 6 will come with better body such as anodized aluminum and will be thinner and lighter than Note 3, though the size will be same like Note 3.


With a massive screen of 5.7inches, Note 3 rules its segment. The 1920 x 1080 pixel resolution and 386ppi works great for business class people. iPhone claims that the screen size will range from 4.5 to 5 inches and it will come with 1920 x 1080 pixel display.


Decked with Qualcomm Snapdragon 800 CPU and 3GB of RAM, Samsung Note 3 offers commendable gaming and multi-tasking. It features 13MP camera and 3200mAh batter with expansion up to 64GB via microSD card. The iPhone 6 is expected to be equally powerful and come with 64 bit CPU, Lytro like service, upgraded camera and best battery life


Galaxy Note 3 comes with S Pen that offers specs like S Note and Air Command along with Multi-Window View. The Note 3 can be upgraded to Android .4 Kitkat in the beginning of 2014 while Apple will come with iOS 8 and boasts of different features too.


Galaxy Note 3 has been priced at $299.99 on contract via US carriers and as far as iPhone 6 prices are concerned, iPhone 6 will be priced $100 higher than iPhone 5.

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Acer Aspire 15 Vs Sony Viao Pro 13: The Best Ultrabook to Buy Before CES 2014?

feature_ilife_iwork_heroBefore we dive into novel world of CES2014, we bring to you to best ultra books to choose from in 2014:

The Acer Aspire 15 comes with a price tag of 499 dollars is hell of a ultrabbok. It is powered by the advanced fourth-generation, Intel Core i5 processor. It packs in 4 GB RAM cache and has 500 GB hard drive. All of this is available in an exciting design that is evidently lighter than most other rival machines. However, the Aspire E1 does not have a touch screen. It runs on Windows 8 operating system, which holds a lot of promise.

For a price of 499 dollars, the Acer Aspire is a lightweight and quite affordable 15-inch notebook that comes powered by the latest Intel processor.

The Sony Vaio Pro 13 is at the helm of ultra books. Not weighing more than 2.4 pounds, this notebook from Sony is extremely portable. It is powered by a fourth-generation Intel Core i7 or i5 processor. It provides exceptional battery life and impressive performance on a daily basis. The 13.3-inch, 1080p touch screen looks vivid. Indeed, the Sony Vaio Pro 13 is priced competitively for the features it is offering. However, the Sony Vaio Pro does not have a removable battery, though the user can add an additional battery back up. It supports maximum memory capacity of a measly 8 GB.

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