Sony Xperia Z Vs Huawei Ascend D2 Vs Lenovo Idea Phone K900: What Bowled You Over At CES?

So CES 2013 finally drew to a close, and it sure was a fabulous way to start the year. From phones to tablets to flexible screens and what not, this event really did leave our hearts thumping. We’re desperately waiting for the gadgets showcased to hit the markets so we … Read the rest

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CES Mania:Top 5 iPhone 5 Cases To Look Forward To In 2013

The Sensus Case

The innovative element of this case hooks you at once. Launched at CES 2013 with a touch-sensitive back this case is hard to ignore. Launching this summer , you would be able to adorn your iPhone 5 with this ground breaking accessory for less than $100.

 … Read the rest

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Samsung ATIV Tab To Get Chopped Off Form The US Market, May Fail To Attract Buyers



Samsung ATIV Tab Windows RT may not find buyers In US, so the Korean based manufacturer has decided to withdraw the ATIV Tab from U.S. Markets. U.S.

Samsung Senior VP Mike Abary said that the company would have to go out its way to explain to U.S. consumers … Read the rest

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CES 2013 Mania: RIM To Capture Heart Of Millions With 6 Blackberry 10 Devices



Blackberry 10 is all set to get launched by the end of this month. To revive its lost position in the smartphone market, Blackberry 10 is the last hope for Canada –based Research in Motion.  A Senior Executive from RIM has let the cat out of the bag … Read the rest

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Sony Xperia Z Vs Samsung Galaxy Note 2 Vs LG Optimus VU: Are You Up For Polished And Pulled Together 5-inch Beauties?

2013 looks like it’s going to be the year of the phablet, what with nearly every phone maker bringing out their own 5-inch offering. As screen sizes get bigger, the one major factor that will affect buyers’ choices would be screen resolution, battery power, and the overall performance of the … Read the rest

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Nexus 7 Or Polaroid M7 Or Acer Iconia B1: The Affordable Tablets Are On A Roll



Two tablets have been revealed at CES 2013 Acer Iconia B1 and Polaroid M7. Without a doubt it could be said about these two tablets are going to give tough competition to Nexus7.  Both the tablets are very affordable and don’t compromise on quality.

Priced at $129 Polaroid … Read the rest

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