Super Typhoon Haiyan (Yolanda) Victims Could Be Found By ‘Google Person Finder: More Than 10,000 People Killed In Philippines

Google has recently released the person finder service for rendering assistance to the victims of Philippines super typhoon Haiyan. Google has offered a helping hand to the super Typhoon Yolanda victims to find the hurt and lost people who are affected in the typhoon.

If you are looking for your relative in these affected regions, specifically in the Tacloban City, the app Google Person Finder is of great help to you. The facility can be utilised by people who need info about the victims. This will help them in getting notified about the person you are looking for. It also features a mobile version too. You can send a request of search through SMS also. For global subscribers, the message number is 2662999 and for SMART subscribers, the number is 4664999, for Sun subscribers, the message number are 22020999 or +16508003977.

For instance, if you are looking for James, send the message to the above mentioned numbers as “Search James”. In the meantime, PNRC also released the Social Facilities Restoring Family Links as well as tracing Amenities. PNRC stated if you are in search for a friend or family member, you can contact their social services restoring family links and tracing services, call 09175328500.

Many people from Philippines claim that it has got quite difficult to track their friends and relatives in the infected areas as the communication lines have been removed. Super typhoon Haiyan has killed more than 10000 deaths and caused damage to properties worth millions.

As per the recent news from National Disaster Risk Reduction and Management Council, more than 9497,897 people from 455 towns, 49 cities covering 41 states have been affected so far. Damage calculated amounted to Php 138.5 million in total (infrastructure damage amounted to 13.79 and agricultural damage amounted to Php 125 million)

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Super Typhoon Haiyan (Yolanda) Casued By Microwave Pulse? Over 10,000 People Are Reportedly Dead in Philipinnes

Super Typhoon Haiyan, or the Typhoon Yolanda, wreaked massive havoc to the property, agriculture, infrastructure and civilian life especially in the city of Tacloban, Philippines. Over 10,000 people have been feared dead as Haiyan caused a heavy landfall in Philippines. The figure was confirmed by a Philippine official. Although the official number is yet to arrive due to the faults in communication lines, relief authorities suggest the number is very large.

More than 6 lakh people were displaced with the force of the landfall, making it tougher for the authorities to provide relief to the affected people of the villages. With no access to food, medicines and other basic amenities, and relief operations not starting quickly due to affected airports, the condition is very serious. The category 5 storm, one of the most dangerous and forceful typhoons of the world, was caused by a microwave pulse according to some reports. The microwave anomaly that has been observed in the West Pacific, that caused a heavy rotation to develop thus leading to a very large storm.

Dr Michio Kaku discussed microwave anomalies that cause tropical storms on CNN before. The 13-minute video went viral on social network websites such as Facebook, with explanations of how the phenomenon exactly occurs. The findings and origin of the microwave pulse were explained in the video. In the video, it was explained that a U.S base was located near the place where the anomaly occurred. All this happened within one day of the microwave anomaly that eventually led to the development of a large tropical storm. No confirmation nor a rejection has yet arrived from the U.S as far as the allegations are concerned.… Read the rest

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