Air Sweeper Update On Clash Of Clans Sweeps Gamers With Anti-Air Defence And Bug Fixes

The anticipated update for Clash of Clans has finally been rolled out yesterday. The game had been much missed ever since its maker, Supercell went in on a maintenance hiatus. Good news is that the game is back on gear and all the error causing bugs have been duly wiped away too.

Air Sweeper Update On Clash Of Clans Sweeps Gamers With Anti-Air Defence And Bug FixesBesides the big fixes, gamers will now find joy with the newly added Air Sweeper, a revamped anti-air defence system. So in case you are attacked by enemies in flight, you can use the tool to simply sweep them back. However, this signals lesser pace for air raids or attacks. Once you reach Town Hall 6, the new tool can be accessed.

What is more exciting post-update is the feature allowing gamers to mark any clan to catch up later. Bookmarking up to 30 such clans is now possible thanks to the update.

Also, you can check an army preview before there is any clan attack. The clan chat and defence range too is up for a revamp with the update. Let’s not forget the vital changes that ‘Matchmaking’ will see in the game. Though the game is not available right now, it will be back to action very soon. 

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GTA 5: 1.11 Title Update Bug Fixes, Lethal Weapons, New Vehicles


GTA 5 Gets New Content Updates

Grand Theft Auto (GTA) 5, one of the most successful games in the gaming industry, has received a new content updates from its developer Rockstar Games as part of 1.11 title update for GTA Online.

The latest released updates include a host of bug-fixes to patch-up existing exploits including several money and car duplication glitches, along with the addition of a new set of race cars, special high-powered weapons and an ensemble of high-end attire.

The updates can easily be downloaded via PlayStation Network and Xbox Live platforms.

After the installation, the user can access three new blazing fast cars from Legendary Motorsport – Albany Alpha, Dinka Jester and Grotti Turismo R.

The new updates also include the new Vestra luxury jet for users who wish to experience luxury travel across Southern San Andreas by air. Additionally, there are plenty of high-powered weapons from Ammu-Nation, including the heavy pistol and special carbine (automatic rifle).

The developer has also given access to the executive class attire with new business shirts, suits, vests, skirts, hats and more as part of the latest business updates.

Apart from these business updates, Rockstar has released several bug-fixes and tweaks, including ability to disable slipstreaming in races, removes ability to use nitrous boost exploit, and fixes an exploit where players could teleport into locked vehicles, among others.… Read the rest

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