BlackBerry Z10: An Angel For BlackBerry To Fly Over Apple iPhone 5 Or The Devil’s Avatar Signaling Doom?



We admit that Blackberry had brought about a revolution in the professional niche across the world. The possibility of tuning in to your employees or colleagues round the clock was made possible with the berry wonder about a decade back. Nevertheless, with time flying faster than you thought, we have landed up in 2013 that has seen smartphones galore that have dislodged Blackberry from its numero uno position. However, when it comes to a country like India—today the second largest consumer ground for mobile phones globally—we know that it seems to trek on a track different from the conventional route.

Indians have absorbed smarties from all brands as kith and Blackberry did not have as consistent a run over the last few years, as in the rest of the world. Over time, companies allowed employees to choose a smartphone for themselves without any bindings. This, clubbed with the disastrous Storm, manufactured by Research In Motion(RIM) made sure that BB was going in for a dip too deep.

RIM buckled up its boots all over again with the launch of Blackberry Messenger despite a failed attempt to match with to the Apple iPad with its flop outing Playbook! And this time it had more than Apple iPhone 5 to match up to—the Galaxy series from Samsung was here by now. However, now Blackberry is back as BlackBerry in the Z10 avatar. With a revamped touch screen and latest apps that promise to offer an experience as fast as the  iOS and Andy experience. Despite a slow start, the Z10 might just act as a resurrector that could bring BlackBerry back into groove.

For the world, this might just get true but for India and the INR tag of 40,000 only time would tell if the Z10 could make BB a phoenix.… Read the rest

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Blackberry Z10 Vs Apple iPhone 5 Vs HTC M7: Would HTC Launch Kill The BlackBerry 10 Buzz?

HTC is all set to bring out its latest flagship offering HTC M7 on February 19 in an event in New York. The phone would launch with Verizon, AT&T and Sprint.

Touted to be one of the biggest competitors of iPhone5 and yet to be released Blackberry Z10, HTC M7 would sport a 4.7” inch full HD screen with 468ppi.

It is also been rumored that the phone would house a 2 GB RAM and a 13 MP camera which has a Sony Exmor RS sensor. The new offering from HTC would carry a Sense 5.0 interface and we would be able to give you firsthand experience of HTC M7 on February 19th.… Read the rest

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