Why Samsung Galaxy S4 Has Made Life Harder For The Much Nurtured BlackBerry Z10?

This was the question on everybody’s minds ever since BlackBerry launched its flagship smartphone running on the new and improved BlackBerry 10 OS. Even though the company had managed to put a lot of thought into coming up with a formidable competitor to the likes of the iPhone and Android based smartphones, we knew that when Samsung brought out its new flagship phone, it could make life a lot harder for BlackBerry all over again. But now that the Galaxy S4 is finally here, what does it mean for the BlackBerry Z10?

Samsung Galaxy S4: If you’re looking for something that’s big on size and performance, and you are an Android fan, then we can only imagine just how much you’d love the Galaxy S4. With its gorgeous 5-inch full HD screen, Samsung’s Exynos 5 processor and 2 GB of RAM, it’s definitely going to be your perfect multitasking assistant. But if it’s the aesthetics you crave for, you might be disappointed with the first look – its all-plastic body doesn’t really say eye-catching, and of course, its brilliance will blow you away only once you switch on the screen. Add to that the 13 MP rear camera and the 2 MP front-facing camera with a host of camera features, and you’ll probably not even miss your digital camera on your next road trip. To make it even more user-friendly, Samsung’s put in advanced features like floating touch and eye tracking in this phone. And yes, there’s S Voice too!

BlackBerry Z10: To start with, if you’re going solely on looks, you’ll probably be tempted to pick up the BlackBerry Z10 over the Samsung Galaxy S4. Extremely thin and sharp looking, the phone almost has no bezel and yes, its all black body also spells sexy. But dig a little deeper and that’s all you get. Like we said, the BlackBerry 10 experience is much better than the previous versions of this OS – letting you use the phone for your work and personal requirements conveniently. But then, the Z10 is powered by only a dual-core 1.5 GHz processor and 2 GB of RAM. Even its 4.2-inch screen with 720p resolution seems so much weaker in comparison with that of the Galaxy S4. In terms of camera too, this one fares much lower with its 8 MP rear camera and 2 MP front-facing one.… Read the rest

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BlackBerry Z10 : High Price Does Little To Shed The Elite Tag, Doesn’t Cater To A Wider Audience

Indian customers waiting to get their hands on the BlackBerry Z10 will soon be able to do so. BlackBerry 10 is all set to launch in India and the ads have already started appearing on the TV. But the real question is if it will manage to become a hit in the Indian markets. Is it capable of taking on a market that is predominantly dominated by Android and iOS, to some extent? Or is BlackBerry trying to fight a losing battle with its latest OS?

The phone did garner a bit of positive attention when BlackBerry first unveiled the OS and handsets a few weeks ago. But we think it all boils down to the pricing. The brand value has been slipping considerably over the past couple of years, and the only way the company can turn things around is by having an attractive price tag which could bring back some of its lost market share.

In terms of features, there’s no doubt that the Z10 is right up there with the likes of Samung Galaxy S3, Apple iPhone 5, etc. Even the overall build quality is quite premium and impressive. But to really be able to stand up to Android and iOS, BlackBerry has got to do far more than be appealing to the corporate customer with advanced e-mail and security features. Does it have what it takes?

We had expected the Z10 to be priced at around Rs 39,000, but according to the latest news, the Z10 will set you back by around Rs 44,000 – which is significantly higher than the attractive pricing we were expecting to see. For a phone that has traditionally been known to be ideal for the senior executives in the corporate world, the high price does little to shed the elite tag and cater to a wider audience of potential consumers.… Read the rest

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The BlackBerry High Flying Copter, BlackBerry Z10 Is All Set To Land In India On February 24

UK, Canada and now a March date with USA—BlackBerry Z10 has now thought on stepping onto Indian soil. The Z10-copter is all set to soar in to India on February 24. With India emerging as a hot bed for the smartphone players and brands, BlackBerry would never possibly miss planning its launch strategy very tight.  Tagged with a Rs. 39,000 level, the berry is all set to burst its wonder story on Indian enthusiasts.

The Z10 comes laced with full-touch screen and LCD display of 4.2 inches. Add to this 1280×768 resolution backed by dual-core processor 1.5 GHz processor; the BlackBerry Z10 comes with promise galore. Powerful 8-MP rear camera calls for an awesome clicker story while the 2-MP front shutters makes video calling breeze.

However, the company is tightlipped on the launch date and refused to elaborate saying, “We would wish to get the product in India and any other key market as soon as possible but there are a certain timelines that have to followed to get any new product in the market.”… Read the rest

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BlackBerry Z10 Vs HTC M7: Would HTC Divert BlackBerry From Conquering The Smartphone World?

The BlackBerry 10 OS’s launch did receive a lot of attention, and so far, everything looks quite promising for the former smartphone leader. The BlackBerry Z10 sure makes for a good looking device and performs quite well too. But, we wonder if it’s enough for old BlackBerry loyalists who made the switch to revert to the BlackBerry? Or will the upcoming Android flagship smartphone of HTC spell trouble for BlackBerry which is desperately struggling for a revival?

BlackBerry Z10: Like we said before, BlackBerry has put a lot of thought into designing the Z10, and it shows. The Z10 is powered by a dual-core 1.5 GHz Snapdragon processor and 2 GB RAM. Its 4.2-inch screen does seem a tad on the smaller side, especially in the present day when nearly every smartphone maker is bringing out a 5-inch screen device. But the screen has a pretty decent 356 ppi resolution. But on the plus, its 1800 mAh battery does promise a long life on each charge, with BlackBerry claiming up to 10 hours talktime on 3G networks. The Z10 has 16 GB of internal memory, but there’s also a microSD card slot in case you ever run out of the onboard storage. In terms of camera, it’s pretty well packed – an 8MP rear camera and a 2MP front-facing camera make the Z10 a nice pick for the photography lovers.

HTC M7: Even though HTC itself has yet to confirm the launch of this phone, or any details that we’ve been hearing rumors about, it has already generated quite a buzz. The upcoming flagship of HTC, the M7 has a 4.7-inch display with a mind-blowing 469 ppi resolution. Even in terms of power, we doubt if the Z10 can match up to it – it is rumored to have a quad-core 1.7 GHz processor and 2 GB of RAM. There’s 32 GB of internal storage, but we’re not sure if there’s provision for expansion using micro SD cards. We’re pretty sure the shutterbugs would choose the M7 over the Z10 on account of its 13 MP rear camera and 2 MP front-facing camera. Also to its advantage is the Android Jelly Bean OS, which has hundreds of thousands of apps, unlike the BlackBerry 10 with just over 70,000 apps.… Read the rest

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The BlackBerry Blast: Samsung Galaxy S4 May Eat Overpriced BlackBerry Z10, Says Analyst

Amid all the pomp and show, the confetti blasted bit lesser than expected on the BlackBerry market response. Despite clever marketing promo and upped specs, the BB Z10 has failed to gain super hot response from industry pundits. If you go by figures, the stocks for BB dipped by whooping 10 per cent on Thursday alone. Add to this, no specific announcement for availablity across US markets– and BB has just landed on blow on its own accord.

Moreover, the market is warming up to welcoming Samsung Galaxy SIV (Releasing in April). In such a scenario, BB could have indeed set a strategy to make a mark. Joshua Topolsky from  verge expresses,  “No one could argue that there’s a ‘killer app’ here. Something that makes you want or need this phone because it can do what no other phone can do. That’s not the case.”

Moving over the availability issue that has let USA down, India– slated as the second biggest zone for market sales in the gadget sector—might not be beaming with the BB Z10. Why so? Look at the price tag and you would know why! ($200 for a two year contract)

Anshul Gupta, leading industry analyst, Gartner said, “The Z10 launched yesterday is obviously a high-end product and India is not a market at that price point.”… Read the rest

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