Super Tactic Up BlackBerry’s Sleeve on Super Bowl, What Not is Hot For The BlackBerry Z10?



BlackBerry has taken up stratagems that not many brands would bank on. Now when it is the Super Bowl event that has been chosen as the commercial airing event, you could well expect brands to choose the quirky way. BlackBerry  Z10 aired its advertisement in style—only that instead of highlighting what’s hot, it decided to highlight what’s not!

Frank Boulben, Chief Marketing Officer, BlackBerry said, “The Super Bowl is a big wake-up call saying BlackBerry is back.” Now the BlackBerry Z10 has seen mixed reactions the world over but overall, it is not worth being ignored either. We know how desperate BlackBerry has become for marketing the Z10 super successfully.

The advertisement goes by the line– “In 30 seconds, it’s quicker to show you what it can’t do.” And if you were on the lookout for knowing what’s actually in store for users, then the ad cleverly refers them to the BlackBerry  official website.

A super gimmick on Super Bowl day, we say.… Read the rest

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The Namesake: RIM Gets Buried, Takes Rebirth As BlackBerry



Research In Motion has changed its name to use its flagship product BlackBerry. When we were expecting the company to launch some really brilliant products, it gave us a well delayed launch of the BlackBerry 10 without revealing details such as price and availability. The phone was to launch in 2012 but it was delayed because of the company working on a new operating system. This time, while the product has been unveiled, it will only be launched in the US in March. Would this help BlackBerry’s receding bottomline?

Symbolic change

BlackBerry chief marketing officer Frank Boulben has said that the name is a fantastic asset and considers it a timely physical and symbolic change for the company. BlackBerry has also seen massive restructuring in the last 2 years. However, the want of a good product that stood strong against competitive smartphones from brands such as Apple and Samsung. BlackBerry does have its loyal users. Marketing efforts such as a change of name from RIM to BlackBerry were probably not the thing consumers of this global brand are looking for. Instead, we would prefer for them to invest in is a solid product that is able to distinguish itself in the cluttered smartphones market.

Products vs users

BlackBerry 10 products come with some old features and new. It comes in touchscreen (Z10) and qwerty keypad (Q10) versions. This could help the company improve its falling share prices that have gone down 90% from the company’s biggest high of 2008. Yes, BlackBerry is making its attempts to enter the touchscreen market. It will be launching the BlackBerry Z10 touchscreen device first, followed by launch of the qwerty Q10 in April.

Features of BB 10

Here are features that the BlackBerry 10 will come with:

Operating system: The new BB devices use their own OS, BlackBerry 10

BlackBerry Hub: A single swipe will give you access to all conversations—email, SMS, social media updates

BBM: The BlackBerry messenger stays and moves on to include voice calling and video chat. You will also be able to share your screen with a contact.

BlackBerry Balance: A feature for the business users, the BB 10 will be able to differentiate personal and professional data

Applications: The new BB 10 has interesting new applications. For instance, the Story Maker to make your own videos, BB 10 browser that supports HTML5 and Time Shift to make a group photo with everyone’s eyes open.… Read the rest

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HTC M7 Vs BlackBerry Z10: If Z10 Won’t Bring Back RIM From Dead, Nothing Will

HTC’s M7 is expected to push the company back into one of the top spots as an Android smartphone maker. Even though the company hasn’t yet provided too many details about the phone and its expected release date, we wonder if it is worthy enough to make RIM’s chances with the BlackBerry 10 even more difficult than it already is. Yes, it hasn’t come out yet, but RIM’s pinning all of its hopes on the success of their latest OS offering. That’s why we’re pitting the M7 against the BlackBerry 10 Developer Alpha device.

Display: In terms of display size, the HTC M7’s 4.7-inch screen fares much better than the BlackBerry 10’s 4.2-inch screen – and not just because of the larger screen. Even in terms of resolution, the M7’s 1920X1080 pixel screen has a higher resolution than the BlackBerry 10’s 1280X768 pixel display.

Tech specs: While we don’t know much details about the processor, the M7 does have a higher 2 GB RAM than the BlackBerry 10’s 1 GB equivalent, which makes it a much more appealing choice for those who love to multitask or run heavy apps.

The OS: While little is known so far about whether the BlackBerry 10 will be able to make a mark in a market where Android and iOS have been reigning supreme over the past couple of years, one of the obvious differences is in the extent of apps on offer. Currently, the Android OS is the most popular smartphone OS in the world and has over 700,000 apps on offer. However, the upcoming BlackBerry 10 has just about 43,000 apps – a far more limiting variety.

Connectivity: The BlackBerry 10 Developer Alpha has just 3G connectivity, while the HTC M7 can connect to LTE networks. This means that if you’re looking for higher browsing speeds, you might as well opt for the M7.

Storage space: Another huge advantage of the M7 is its 32 GB of internal storage, when compared to the BlackBerry 10’s 16 GB storage option. This means that you’ll end up reaching for a memory card a lot sooner on the BlackBerry 10.

With such spectacular features, looks like HTC’s upcoming flagship phone will definitely make things much harder for RIM. BlackBerry 10, good luck to you indeed!

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Sony Xperia Z Vs Blackberry Z10 : Xperia Z Is The New Sexy, Would BB10 Be Able To Come Any Closer?



CES 2013 had picked its fave, right in the starting of New Year. With Sony Xperia Z, Sony has come out of its safety vault to go all out with features that strike a note repeatedly! Starting with the spell bounding looks to awesome features, this solid device from Sony is here to stay…

In looks it’s the sharp edges that leave a professional impact and even adds that extra funk worth flaunting at parties. The chassis of 7 quad core Qualcomm mm coupled with a screen 1080p and 5-inchs, the Xperia Z is powered by the dependable quad core Qualcomm processor.

  • The screen wows you with its super sharp images that raises the bar when it comes to screen resolution on smartphones. It may be not light on your pocket but is sure light in your hands, thanks to its with its   feather light body that is dust-resistant and water resisting too!
  • Before, we forget, it comes with a handle-without –care tag—drop it and you don’t have to worry, for it will not crack. The only condition remains that you cover the ports on the sides of the Z-edition.
  • Interface as smooth as cakewalk, the Xperia Z impressed with Android Jelly Bean running on RAM of 2GB. An Android upgrade is on Sony’s cards too. The onboard storage comes only until 16 GB but an expandable memory compatibility makes media enthusiasts beam broad. The CES was not just going by the buzz when it picked the Sony Xperia as its pet.
  • And before you think this is all that the Xperia Z has up its sleeve—look into the Exmor R sensor—all upgraded and polished.  It enhances snap quality and powerful video views are the two pluses that the sensor adds to the Xperia’s experience.

For now we know, Sony has stepped a notch higher and joined the mean world of smartphones –only to set a future date with the “under-covers” Blackberry 10, which is all set to come to town with hunger to outdo the Sony. Could that translate into reality with the BB 10? Check out.

  • This month could see curtains go up over the much-awaited BB 10 that is purportedly going through the final touches. The DEV 5 is touted to be the handset that would come with a keyboard—in the physical form– running the BlackBerry 10. The interface is in for a complete fillip. Android and iOS could be inspiring for the BB interface users might expect. The interface could be the ground for widgets, application lists and the all-important inbox.
    • This time the BB would come with lock screen display that reveals all your notifications, calendar update and unread messages. RIM states, “Any application, even third party ones, will be able to appear as an ‘Active Frame’ on the BB10 home screen, which is excellent news for anyone left frustrated by the limited widget options on Android or live tiles on Windows Phone. For those of you who may be concerned that these ‘Active Frames’ could be both data and battery intensive, Research in Motion assures us that this is not the case, with the QNX core of BlackBerry 10 providing efficient power management, and the frames only downloading the minimum amount of data required for them to update.”
    • The usual BB Hub would be equipped to handle multiple accounts for any e-mail service, message apps among hordes of apps like Facebook or even LinkedIn. The clicks on the BB could come with a ‘Time Shift’ tag—that functions like a smile detector.
    • The browser of the BB has received a makeover and believes in taking minimalism seriously. Industry pundits have given the green signal for the browser having faster speeds in comparison to the iOS 6. Though only time could tell if this is true. For now, the interface looks like the best part of the BlackBerry. Also, do not forget the bold design and the flawless HTML 5 integration.

However, for us, it could take longer and a market launch to decide if the BB-10 could wipe out the Xperia Z from the top slot that CES 2013 has graced it with.… Read the rest

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