iOS 7 Beta To Beat The Hell Out of Samsung Galaxy S4, Air Drop Rocks, iPhone 6,5S Overarching The Potential…

Today Apple released the 7th and final Beta version of the upcoming iOS 7. The Gold Master version is expected to be released on the 10th of September, or maybe sooner since Apple is moving uncharacteristically fast with its development. And yet the new iOS 7 seems to be a truly amazing operating system.

Not only did the 6th Beta version of iOS 7 show us bug fixes – it also showed some new features in fan favourite apps like AirDrop and Games Center. There is a new application called the Kill Switch. This makes a password necessary to turn of the Find My Phone feature on the iPhone, iPad and iPod touch – making your device much safer. And everyone already knows about the biometric finger print sensor in the home button another safety feature on the upcoming iPhone 6 and probably on the iPhone 5S too.

We can expect Apple to release its new iOS 7 and either the iPhone 5S or the iPhone 6 on the same date, the 10th of September. It isn’t likely that Apple will release both new iPhones at the same time to ensure that the sales of one device don’t hamper the other.… Read the rest

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Rocking Apple’s iOS 7’s Gold Master Version: Apple iPhone 5S Vs iPhone 5C vs Apple iPhone 6

The final Beta version of Apple’s new iOS 7, Gold Master Version is to be launched on the 5th of September, five days before a media event scheduled by Apple. It is believed that Apple will be revealing the finished iOS 7 and the successor to the iPhone 5, the iPhone 5S at this event. Rumours have it that Apple will also reveal the iPhone 5C, a cheaper iPhone made out of plastic.

The iOS 7 is being eagerly awaited by not only iPhone users but also iPad, iPod and all iDevice users. The Beta versions of the new iOS 7 have hinted at some pretty nifty feature for the iPhone 5S and iPhone 6. The finger print biometric scanner for one has been the cause of much furore – especially since now it seems that it will be available only with the iPhone 6!

Either way, in a year that has been dominated by Android and Windows Phone 8 releases, Apple seems to be finally getting ready to hit back! … Read the rest

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