Apple Pay Has Not Made A Mark, So Does Microsoft Payment Stand A Chance?

Microsoft Set To Launch Flow

Mobile money transfer has gained quite a momentum recently and the latest news is that Microsoft now wants to encash this demand. According to reports, Microsoft would soon launch Microsoft Payment that would allow users to transfer money directly from their smartphones. Though the company is yet to launch this, the news has created a great hype and is expected to give a tough fight to Google Wallet and Apple Pay. As per reports, Microsoft has applied for money transmitting license in 50 states and may have Microsoft Payment support in the Windows 10 operating system for phones. Reports also state that the company has already received its license in Indiana. Once they get the license for all 50 states, users will be able transfer money without assistance from third-party services or even without a secured SIM. Existing Competitors Apple Pay and Google Wallet have already been introduced into the [+more]

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Apple Pay: Is it Worth All the Name?

Mobile payments have been around for a long time now. However, they don’t seem to have gained sufficient traction. In such a scenario, it’s a pertinent to question if Apple Pay would be any different. For those who have used the Apple Pay, they do seem to think so. It’s an easy interface that is the biggest advantage of Apple Pay. One simple has to tap a button and the system is all set to roll. Additionally, one can to add as many debit and credit cards to the passbook to be used further at checkout.  However, once you reach the setup stage, that is when the real confusion sets in. If in US, Google Wallet will take care of this aspect but in other countries as UK, you could be in a bit of trouble as various networks in UK have partnered with credit card companies to work things [+more]

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