Apple Macbook Pro Release And Specification Rumours: From Retina to Hasswell Chip to High Resolution


With bated breath the world is waiting for Apple macbook pro 2013 release. Rumored to be launched in October Apple macbook pro is speculated to feature Haswell Chip, Sharp’s 4k Display and Retina. The rumored features have ripened after Apple Macbook Air has received its upgrade. Macbook Air now has a prolonged battery life (thanks to Hasswell Chip) and Apple fans are looking for same once Apple Macbook Pro releases. According to the reports Apple Macbook pro would release on October 15.

What makes wait of Apple Macbook pro worthy is the fact that it will come with Sharp 4K Display. With this feature Apple is sure to enhance the display quality of the Macbook pro. The augmented resolution would give Apple macbook pro an edge over Sony Viao Pro 13 and HP Envy 12.

It has also been rumored that Apple can give 3840 x 2160 resolution display so that people can better experience video sand pictures.  What really impresses about Apple macbook pro rumors is that its IGZO technology is energy efficient which will give you a high battery boost up.

So what do you think about Apple Macbook Pro Features? Are you waiting for its release?… Read the rest

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Apple Macbook Pro 2013 Release and Apple iPad 5 Release: The 6 inch Apple iPhone 6 Amazing Features is Next to Follow

The Apple aficionados are still waiting for the release of iPad 5 and the new MacBook Pro 2013 release, but now its time to check out the pavements of Apple product release for the year 2014. And, while you check out the list, there is certainly a great expectation for some amazing merchandise release in the coming year.

Specs of iPhone 6 and iPad Maxi

Undoubtedly, it is the iPhone 6 that bangs the door of 2014 as the next year’s biggest release. The general specs of iPhone 6 state that the screen would range between 4.8 to 6 inches, which could get it categorise in the phablet segment.

Meanwhile, there is another buzz that next year you can get to see an iPad with a screen size of 12 to 13inches. This will mark the end of tablet PC market as no company has released any tablet bugger than 10 inches. The iPad Maxi will be a major contributor to crowd the Apple Market.

Release Date of Both the Gadgets

Speaking about the release Date of iPhone 6, it will be launched at the WWDC 2014 in the coming year, June while the iPad Maxi will be released in the 4th quarter of the 2014.… Read the rest

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Apple MacBook Pro 2013 Release Date Is On The Verge: Apple Ends With X Mavericks


The latest MacBook Pro launch date could be just few weeks ahead as Apple ends with X Mavericks 10.9 OS update for a late October release.

The new MacBook Pro and MacBook Pro with Retina are set to release in the fall and with the Apple event after a week , it looks like, the MacBook update will come sooner. In the previous 24 hours, Apple pushed the X Maverick OS.this OS will bring new specs and better power administration to Apple gadgets which will combine with better processor though we could expect better battery in MacBook Pro.

Apple is rumoured to release on 15th October, and the OS X Mavericks will be launched on the 20th of October. The release of MacBook Pro will also combine Intel Haswell Processor release which is amazingly power efficient and renders decent battery life. The battery life of the 13inches MacBook Air has been raised to 12 hours.

The updates of OS X Mavericks include:

  • App Nap- App sleeps when they are not in use
  • Better iTunes HD Playback – consumes 35% less energy
  • Smarter Idle – Operating system X 10.9 permits low power usage
  • Safari Power Saver – safari will question before running web apps like Flash

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Apple MacBook Pro 2013 Release : Loaded With Retina, Haswell and Sharp4k IGZO Features

In the Worldwide Developers Conference 2013, Apple declared that it will bring a refreshed version of MacBook Air, with ultra-thin and lightweight notebook range with Intel Haswell CPU and internal upgrade. While this is not a very big upgrade to be considered, Haswell processors major advantage was enhanced battery life for 11 inches and 13inches MacBook Air revives.

Apple MacBook Pro combines with Haswell Processor

With MacBook pro not getting enough limelight at the WWDC in 2013, rumours suggest that the professional lineup notebook will come with Haswell processors. The notebook is suggested to come up with Haswell GT 3 processor. This will boost the overall battery life of the notebook. Rumours say that Haswell GT3 processor ain MacBook Pro with Retina Display can offer you an all-day battery life with one charge.

Expected Changes!

With Retina Display ensuring to make its place in the next lot of MacBook Pro release, the question is will Apple follow the same design in the refreshed batch of 2013. For the past few years, Apple has offered rounded corners and flat clean design, but Apple may plan to redevelop the MacBook Pro and give it a sportier and curvier look with slimmer and lighter dimensions. … Read the rest

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MacBook Pro 2013 with Haswell Release Date: The Truth Behind The October Release Date

Latest sources quote that the MacBook Pro 2013 with Haswell release date is scheduled for this October. Apple has also initialized training its AppleCare support staff for the upcoming OS X Mavericks release. Within these trainings, the support staff will be taught the operating system’s new features, installation process, and troubleshooting options for a minimum six hours over the next few weeks, reports claim.

Post an official announcement in June, the new OS X Mavericks will be officially unveiled in October side-by-side the announcement of the new MacBook Pro model(s).

Another fact, pointing to the October release states that since Apple already released its refreshed iMacs and MacBook Air lines, eventually, the same process awaits their latest prodigy. The former devices also act as a preetext on the possible specs and features of MacBook Pro 2013.


Since apple’s supply chain is ready to deliver the components needed for MacBook Pro 2013, consumers can expect (rumored) new designs, specs and features via various mediums online.

Various (strategized) deals and discounts on old MacBook Pro and MacBook Air models were announced week. Amazon offers a Laptop Quick Sale offering a decent $50 to $250 discount on different Apple ultrabooks and notebooks.

Presumably, MacBook Pro 2013 will receive the new  Haswell processor, leading to a better andlonger battery life & faster wifi and storage options.

Even though MacBook Pro 2013 iPad 5, iPad Mini 2 are rumored to release around the 15th of October, there is still no official word on the details & specs of the MacBook Pro 2013.

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