Google Glass Project, Apple iWatch, Samsung Galaxy Gear: What to Consider While Buying These?

tab_hero_macproThe field of wearable technology is growing at a fast pace and already, a revolution of sorts has been stirred by what looks the most promising product in this category, the Google Glass project. However, there are several things to be factored in when you decide the best wearable technology … Read the rest

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CES 2014: Google Glass, Apple iWatch, Drive Automation And Contextual Computing

The CES 2014 could have some great tech with business implications due to the tech adoption in the business culture of today. The show will display some great developing technologies taking the tech industry ahead. The four biggest trends of CES 2014 is mentioned here. Take a look:

  1. Wearables

While … Read the rest

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The Firebrand Samsung Galaxy S4 Is Already Crowned, Apple iPhone 5S Needs To Break New Grounds


It’s not even summer, but looks like Apple’s already prepping up for the holiday season. Until a few days ago, we’d been hearing about how Apple was planning to launch the iPhone 5S by the end of this year or possibly by early next year. But looks like the … Read the rest

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