Google Glass Project, Apple iWatch, Samsung Galaxy Gear: What to Consider While Buying These?

tab_hero_macproThe field of wearable technology is growing at a fast pace and already, a revolution of sorts has been stirred by what looks the most promising product in this category, the Google Glass project. However, there are several things to be factored in when you decide the best wearable technology you want to invest in.

First and foremost, it is essential to determine what kind of functionality do you desire from the wearable gadget that you want to invest into. For instance, you may want a wearable gadget that provides entertainment on the move or you may be looking for a gadget that augments a specific task in your routine life. You may want a wearable device that enables you to access the media or use it for monitoring a particular activity to produce result-oriented information. Thus, based on your particular need, you can choose a wearable device accordingly.

Another critical factor to consider is the compatibility of the wearable devices with those that you already have. A wearable device that displays, processes or collection information will do so only with the assistance of a particular technology that one already carries. When teamed up with a smartphone, most of the wearable technological devices enable to bring significant changes in your day to day activities. … Read the rest

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CES 2014: Google Glass, Apple iWatch, Drive Automation And Contextual Computing

The CES 2014 could have some great tech with business implications due to the tech adoption in the business culture of today. The show will display some great developing technologies taking the tech industry ahead. The four biggest trends of CES 2014 is mentioned here. Take a look:

  1. Wearables

While Google Glass set the tech world on fire in 2013, anticipations for Apple iWatch is the most expected product of 2014. Thus, we see that the wearable technology is what’s next in the etch world. At CES, fanatics will see watches, wearable glasses and cameras and health trackers that can fit on the body. The wearable premise will slide smoothly in daily life of businessmen. Don’t underestimate the calibre of this segment in the year 2014.

CES 20142.     The Internet of Things

The Internet of things will contribute to the highest show at the CES 2014. You can connect them to cars, homes, lifestyles and appliances. Sensors and huge data contribute to drive automation. it restricts cluttering of time, putting info to work.

  1. Contextual Computing

This can be referred to as predictive computing. It is the same thing done by Google Now. It collects rough data and then uses it in the useful to help you forget about the roughness. It considers your location, preferences and history and transforms it to the present info as you need it

4.     Consumerization of business tech

The concluding trend to look out for is dot dotdot. It is continuance from previous year and will carried to next year. It is becoming more effective and productive with innovative tools rather than being stuck with traditional tools.

It was a smartphone and tablet tale, but now it is a computer story and CES is a perfect platform to display computer hardware and latest smartphones. CES is the stage to display next generation devices that corporates use in everyday work

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The Advent of Smartwatches, Who Would Take The Crown , Apple, Samsung or Google?

It was indeed true when someone said that with every passing year, technology is getting smaller and cheaper. If it was smartphones and tablets that caught our fancy until last year, 2013 looks all set to take the trend from our palms and onto our wrists with the advent of smartwatches.

We’d first heard of Apple coming out with an iWatch, a wristwatch that could do everything that the iPhone could do, except in a smaller package. Not to be too left behind, then came the archrival Samsung announcing its ambitious project in the similar segment. In addition, we’ve been hearing rumors about LG and Google too busy working on their versions of the smartwatch. Oh, and did we mention that Microsoft too is making an Xbox watch?

Apple’s iWatch is expected to feature a curved glass surface with fingerprint scanning and possibly even Apple’s very own radio service. Maybe the iWatch could be among the first few of Apple’s devices to even come with NFC capabilities. And of course, there’s the health angle too – it can measure your pulse and keep a tab on the number of calories you burn when you workout.

Of course, we can’t say with certainty if any of the other smartwatches except those by Apple and Samsung could actually end up seeing the light of the day. They are indeed futuristic while just how useful these would be still remains to be seen.… Read the rest

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The Firebrand Samsung Galaxy S4 Is Already Crowned, Apple iPhone 5S Needs To Break New Grounds


It’s not even summer, but looks like Apple’s already prepping up for the holiday season. Until a few days ago, we’d been hearing about how Apple was planning to launch the iPhone 5S by the end of this year or possibly by early next year. But looks like the impending launch of the Samsung Galaxy S4 has got the company jittery, because the latest we’re hearing is that the iPhone 5’s successor could come out as soon as summer of 2013!

A lot of well known analysts have agreed on this prediction – Barclay analyst Kirk Yang, KGI Securities Ming-Chi Kuo and iMore blogger Rene Ritchie, to name a few. Kuo was among the first to predict the iPhone 4S’s launch in 2011, instead of an iPhone 5. According to his latest research note, Apple fans can expect not just the iPhone 5S but also a cheaper version of the iPhone for emerging markets. Kuo expects Apple to launch the iPhone 5S by July with a more powerful processor, a camera with a higher resolution and an improved flash, a fingerprint sensor for improved security and an overall body which can be thinner and lighter than the iPhone 5. Kuo feels that the cheaper iPhone could also be unveiled in July with dimensions similar to the iPhone 5S, but it would be bulkier and would have a camera with lower resolution.

Rene Ritchie has, to his credit, been quite accurate about predicting the launch dates of Apple devices in the past. Ritchie feels that Apple’s iPhone 5S could be out by August, and yes, it will of course have a more powerful processor and a better camera. But he feels that before the iPhone 5S, we can expect to see Apple launching the iPad 5 and the iPad Mini 2 by sometime in April. Kuo, however, feels that these tablets would come out only after summer.

Now, onto the iWatch – we’d been hearing about this wonder since quite some time now. And looks like Apple could finally show us this device by the end of 2013. Apparently, at least 100 employees are busy wracking their nerves designing and building this futuristic iWatch. It would function quite like a regular phone, letting users make and receive phone calls, access GPS data and also double up as a pedometer and sensor to monitor health-related information. This is something we’ve heard from both Bloomberg and The Verge.… Read the rest

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