CES 2014: iPhone 6 Enemy in Asus New 4, 5, and 6-inch Display Smartphones?

CES 2014In working for the gigantic occasion of CES 2014, which seems to occur in less than 2 weeks, ASUS released an amazing new video teaser on their YouTube account. The first video which the brand released was seen a few days ago hinted that ASUS was clueing some type of dual booting with the Windows and Android tablets

Now, they are again back with a new video, which has been titled as “What’s your number?” The video include balls that start falling from the top (sky) just like rain and for a small moment, the digits 4, 5 and 6 are seen on the screen. Few of the analysts believe it is a sign that ASUS hints the release of new smartphone line up with different screen sizes. The video just makes this sense seeking out the number tones that the balls lead when they hit the floor. You can check out the video for yourself too.

ASUS is all set to go live with their press event “In Search of Incredible” on the 6th of January on Monday at 12pm (PT) in India. The links display a countdown that has commenced already. Of course, the amalgamation of Windows and Android “Phandroid” will be served giving you hands-on whatever is declared, so just stay tuned.

This will surely be a new invention in the history of smartphones. However, the reactions of the people are still to be seen and known. The secret will be revealed in the coming New Year and all the phone aficionados are excited about the release and await impatiently for it. So, stay tuned for another new video release and look out for what ASUS has in store for us.… Read the rest

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CES 2014: iPhone6 vs iPhone 6 XL vs iPhone 6 mini; Who Will Beat Samsung?

Apple-OS-XThe CES 2014 or the International Consumer Electronic Show is just few days away from opening New Year technology celebration with the release of latest gadgets in the world. Fans are waiting for the release of new legendary handsets from Apple, Samsung and Sony. But what all will Apple showcase this year at CES 2014

Apple iPhone 6

Apple might showcase the iPhone 6 in the CE 2014. It still remains unclear whether it could be present in the upcoming CES event as the release date of the gadget has been marked in the summers. Speculations state that the new iPhone device will come in the month of June 2014. Analysts suggest that it will come in three sizes, iPhone 6 mini, iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 XL. Thus, Apple is trying to create different sizes for one generation. The speculated functions include:

  • Near Field Communication
  • iOS 8
  • 128GB version
  • Gesture controlling home button
  • Eye tracking, supportive wireless charging
  • 4.8 inches IGZO and Retina
  • 1080 full HD resolution screen
  • Enhanced A7 processor

There are rumours that Apple could come up with iWatch and new Apple TV and it looks like 2014 could be seen in the year 2014. Apple could release larger iPad and even better Mac laptops. The first few months will be quiet for Apple at the CES 2014, but the coming March and April and the months beyond that will be surely be exciting for Apple as the company has a lot in store for its fans.  Will the iWatchfinally make its debut in the ear 2014? What all changes will the new iPad Air adorn and what will be the reaction of people for the dazzling new flagship release of Apple iPhone, the iPhone 6.

However, right now we wait for the release of gadgets from Apple at the CES 2014

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Why Google Nexus 5 is More Popular Than Apple iPhone 6: Is it the LG nexus 5 Amazing Specs or The Price?

Google Nexus 5 may release this autumn as LG is still working on its device. However, some of the revealed specs of the company include quad core Qualcomm Snapdragon 800 2.3Ghz along with RAM of 2GB, camera of 13MP, a powerful battery of 3000mAh and an operating system as good as Android 4.2.2 Jelly Bean. As stated, some of the features might be included in Google Nexus 5 too.

Comparison of Nexus 5  Specs with Apple iPhone 6 specs!

While Nexus 5 comes with 4GB RAM, the iPhone features a RAM of 2GB.

The new Nexus is said to come with a camera of 20GB whilst the iPhone 6 sports a 13MP camera.

The display of the Nexus 5 is around 5.2 inches with 4k resolution display and the display of iPhone 6 is 4 inches with retina resolution and IGZO technique assistance.

Apple is also weak with the battery. It sports a 2100mAh battery while the Nexus 5 comes with 3150mAh battery.

Thus, Specs wise, Nexus 5 has surely won the battle against Apple iPhone 6. However after the release of LG Nexus 5, we will come to know about the winner of this combat, … Read the rest

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With Apple iPhone 6 In The Tow Apple Need To Put All The Puzzle Pieces Together To Get Back At Samsung Galaxy S4

As apple flip throws its market share pages, we don’t expect to see a big smile on their face. Well dipping market shares isn’t such a delight for a company who once had it all pulled together to eat up the smartphone industry.


There was time when we expected Apple to take over the world with its fierce innovation strategy, but as we prodded through its last year’s history, we realized that the ruling knight is on the verge of losing its battle.

And how can we forget the saying that the only way to climb back your way up is to constantly challenge yourself and this is what exactly a French website nowhere else is advising Apple to do. The overreaching theme of the website for Apple iPhone 6 borders around touchpad-like, wide button that is also sensitive to touch instead of the round Apple home key.

If Apple iPhone 6 gets born (rumored to come in 2014) with a larger screen (thanks to wide –button imagination) and a balanced get up then we could think of giving the ruler its throne back.… Read the rest

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