The Truth Behind Apple iPhone 6 Release Date, Rumored Features And Screen Size

564095_198481213672963_1779454854_nThe new offering from Apple, i.e. iPhone 6 may come in two versions. According to the Wall Street Journal, “ Just like apple iPhone 5C and 5S, Apple will be launching two versions of iPhone 6 this year. However, this time the phones will come in varied sizes, one will be 4.7 inch and other will be larger than 5-inches.

It has also been predicted that iPhone 6 will be first Apple phablet. However, according to analyst of Cowen and Company Arcuri is claiming that keeping in trend with its pocket friendly ideology, iPhone 6 will come 4.8-inch screen and the design of the phone has already been locked. He has further revealed that iPhone 6 may come with higher –speed 802.11ac Wi-Fi connectivity.

 Another interesting iPhone 6 rumor is that the phone may come in two size with different resolutions.

 Market research firm DisplaySearch predicts that , “The “high-end” model of the new iPhone would sport a 5.5-inch screen with a 1,920×1,080 low-temperature polysilicon (LTPS) LCD display and low end iPhone 6 model will  have  a 4.7-inch screen with a 1,600×900 resolution display.

So here are the various regarding release date and features of Apple iPhone 6. Let us know your thoughts. … Read the rest

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iPhone 6 Release Date in June At WWDC 2014: Rumored Features of Apple’s First Phablet?


According to Chinese Analyst Sun Changxu told Chinese Web site QQ Tech that, “She predicts Apple will initiate the production of iPhone 6 in May so that it could launch the handset in June. “

 In all probability Apple will launch its first phablet in face of iPhone6 at its WWDC.

Speculations are that Apple iPhone 6 will come with a 4.7-inch screen and a 1,136 x 640 pixel display. Analysts also believe that iPhone 6 will come in two versions and once the 4.7-inch iPhone 6 is released, Apple will follow it up with a 5.7-inch screen.

 Though none of the features of Apple iPhone 6 have been confirmed by the Cupertino based company, the buzz is that to beat its rival Apple will be increasing the screen size of iPhone 6 to at least 4.7 inch.

 The phone may even house an A8 chip, which can give blisteringly fast speed to the phone. Apple is known to upgrade its processor every year that is why it is expected that the new offering from Apple will have a new chip set.

 It is also rumored that Apple will launch iPhone 6 with iOS 8 operating system and Touch ID finger print sensor. This year Apple fans may also get to see NFC (Near Field Communication) feature in iPhone 6. … Read the rest

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iPhone 6 Release Date is Mid-Half of 2014: Apple Phablet to Come With Lethal Features

holiday_top_giftshone 6

According to DigiTimes, “Apple will begin the production of the essential components of the device in second quarter of 2014. “

The website has further reported that the forecast of iPhone 6 release is based upon the information revealed by supply chain insider.

So in all probability Apple fans will get hands on the much awaited phone of the year by the mid of next year. As far as features of Apple iPhone 6 are concerned then based on the various leaks we have listed the feature Apple iPhone 6 will likely feature.

TouchID fingerprint sensor

Just like its predecessor Apple iPhone 6 will come with the TouchID fingerprint sensor. Though, reports have suggested that there will be major improvement in the feature. The buzz is that hole TouchID mechanism may come with pressure sensors carved out of Liquidmetal alloy.

iPhone 6 will have a scree size of 5-inch

 In all probability this will be Apple’s first phablet with a bigger screen

 Better Retina Display

To get an edge over Android phones, Apple is also expected to enhance its retina display.

Apple iPhone 6 will come iOS8 and a 8 MP sensor camera.

 … Read the rest

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iPhone 6 Release Date Earlier Then Expected: Apple Needs to Beat Sony Xperia Z Ultra and Samsung Galaxy Note 3?

New speculations have fueled regarding iPhone6 release date. After the rumor that iPhone 6 may hit the shelves in May 2014, a new report has suggested that Apple is planning to launch its first phablet a little earlier than expected.

Evasi0n iOS 7 Jailbreak Update: Cydia Issues, Build 7.0.4 Unlock Out And Lots of AppsApparently, Apple is getting jittery to release iPhone 6 as its previous offerings namely, iPhone 5S, 5 are not able to live to the competition of Android phones. has revealed a fresh report from Kantar wordpanel, which says that though Apple has tasted success with Apple iPhone 5 successors, there profit has not matched up to the level of Android phones.

 “Apple’s grip on major market destinations remains lower than the same time last year as it increasingly faces challenges from its rivals,” said the same report from Kantar.

The report further suggested that it is not Samsung, which is proving to be a tough competition to beat, but tech giants like Sony and LG have also captured a huge market worldwide. 

Tech analysts feel that Apple’s downfall owes to its decision of sticking to 4-inch screen.  Undoubtedly, the phablet mania is catching up and Apple has not tried its hand at it. Both Sony and Samsung with Sony Xperia Z ultra and Samsung Galaxy Note 3 respectively have caught the fantasy of customers.  So will Apple take advantage of the trend with iPhone 6?

Till then let’s wait and watch. For further updates on Apple iPhone 6 release, stay tuned.


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Apple Iphone 6 Release Date Edging Close- iPhone 5S And iPhone 5C Christmas Discounts Reveal A Quicker Arrival

The Apple iPhone6 release date mystery is set to untangle with retailers slashing prices of the iPhone 5C and iPhone 5S.

The Apple iPhone6 release date mystery is set to untangle with retailers slashing prices of the iPhone 5C and iPhone 5S.

We have got news that Best Buy, Wal-Mart and even MacMall have reduced the price of the erstwhile Apple iPhone models in a bid to usher in a happier Christmas. 

  • Wal-Mart now offers the iPhone 5C at 27 dollars on a bi-annual contract. This, at a time when the actual price of the device stands at $99!
  • The store will also offer the iPhone 5S at 127 dollars against the actual $199. With gift vouchers for discounts on the iPad Mini and similar goodies, Wal-Mart indeed aims to bring in ample cheer this X-Mas.
  • Meanwhile the popular Best Buy store is offering close to 75 dollars slash on iPhone 5S. The final price stands at 124 dollars for a one-year lock-in span.
  • MacMall is set to offer the iPhone 5S 16 GB variant at 120 dollars while the iPhone 5C 16 GB variant is up for 20 dollars.

With Christmas round the corner, the great deals are not new to us. However, with such a rapid slash, we anticipate the release of the Apple iPhone 6 sooner than we imagined. … Read the rest

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Apple iPhone 6 Leaked Video Suggest : Phablet Sized iPhone to Steal Samsung Galaxy Note 3 Limelight?

The Cupertino based tech giant Apple will release a phablet soon according to the Wall Street Journal. Steve Jobs was wary of larger devices and the iPhone 5 is the largest till date with a 4 inch screen. But according to sources within Apple’s many divisions, Apple has actually approached screen makers to send in designs for a larger screen for the iPhone. There is talk of a 4.8 inch screen to even a 6 inch behemoth.The Cupertino based tech giant Apple will release a phablet soon according to the Wall Street Journal. Steve Jobs was wary of larger devices and the iPhone 5 is the largest till date with a 4 inch screen. But according to sources within Apple’s many divisions, Apple has actually approached screen makers to send in designs for a larger screen for the iPhone. There is talk of a 4.8 inch screen to even a 6 inch behemoth. This would put it firmly within the phablet section. And given that it has been consistently losing ground to Samsung, it seems likely that Apple will try and emulate the Galaxy Note series’ success.

While the sales of Apple iPhone have increased over the last quarter, Apple’s share of worldwide phone sales has actually fallen to 14 percent from the 19 percent it was at this time last year. In the same period Samsung’s phone sales have risen from 30 to 32 percent. Quite simply, the Korean company Samsung has a whole lot more on offer than Apple, which has only ever had three iPhones available at the same time. With the release of the iPhone 5S and the cheaper iPhone 5C later on this month Apple is already trying to appeal to a larger market and having a phablet sized phone in the line up might just be what Apple needs to get back to the top.… Read the rest

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The Sony Xperia Honami Vs Apple’s iPhone 6 – The Phablet is Expected To Take On Samsung Galaxy S4


The Sony Xperia Honami and the Apple iPhone are two of the most eagerly anticipated new smartphones expected to hit the market. While the Xperia Honami is expected to be released on the 4th of September, the iPhone 6 is only expected to reach us sometime in November.

The Xperia Honami and the iPhone will have some pretty good specifications – both of them are expected to run quad core processors probably paired with 2GB RAM chips. Again, both of the phones will have pretty similar screen sizes, the Xperia Honami will be 5 inches and the iPhone 6 will likely be the same or maybe just a bit smaller at 4.8 to 4.9 inches. The iPhone 6 will definitely have the amazing Retina display and the Honami will likely also run a pretty impressive 1080p full HD display. The big difference will be the camera – while Apple is likely to give the iPhone 6 the best camera that an iPhone has ever had, a 12MP shooter capable of slow motion recording Sony wants to market the Honami as aCyberShot smartphone and it is rumoured to host a 20MP camera with a CMOS sensor making for really quick auto focus times and amazing photos.… Read the rest

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Apple iPhone 5S and iPhone 6 Release Date Nears: Great Sales on Apple iPhone 5

Most people now think that Apple will be revealing a new iPhone at a media event on the 10th of September followed by its release on the 20th of the month. People are not in agreement as to whether it will be the iPhone 5S or the iPhone 6, though most believe that it will be the iPhone 5S first and the iPhone 6 will be released sometime in the first quarter of next year.

Either way, as is usual, in the build up to the release of a new iPhone the older ones start getting cheaper. So it is pretty important for prospective iPhone 5S owners to decide if they want to put their present phone up for sale and upgrade. The new phone has many benefits – better specification and the completely new iOS 7.

There are many options available to sell an old iPhone. For example Amazon and E-bay both offer lock in periods – meaning a seller can confirm that he will sell and then get the best price in the time period. The sooner a person puts their old iPhone up for sale, the better price or deal they will get, expect the price to fall dramatically by the end of September.… Read the rest

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Apple iPhone 6 Release Date Confirmed: 10th of September? iOS 7 Release to Follow

The AllThingsD forum has said that a new iPhone will be revealed by Apple on the 10th of September. Adding credibility to this is one Jim Dalrymple who has till date been absolutely correct when it comes to Apple rumours. What we expect is that Apple will reveal its new iOS 7 and at least one new iPhone by the 10th of September followed by releasing the new phone and operating system on the 18th of the month. It is quite likely that Apple will reveal the new iPhone 6 and the iPhone 5S on the media event on the 10th but Apple will likely only release one phone first. The reasoning is that not only is this the templates that the late Steve Jobs swore by but also that Apple will likely be releasing the new iPad 5 at the same time.

There is a lot of new stuff to expect though! The iOS 7 will have a completely new look to its icons and the background will change with the phone being moved, but the changes aren’t just skin deep. AirDrop will be coming to the iPhone and there will be a new control centre letting users access social media updates and more at a swipe. The new iPhone 5S is expected to use new materials and form for the device as well as new specs; from changing to a more powerful processor to having a finger print sensor in the home button. The iPhone 6 will also have a whole slew of new stuff, but only time will tell!

Big question is whether we will see the rumoured cheaper iPhone 5C as well.… Read the rest

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Apple’s iPhone 6 Release Date is September: What Could it Mean for Upcoming Samsung Galaxy S5?

The Apple iPhone 6 is most likely to be released this September. Apple will likely reveal it with its new iOS 7 during the first half of September and then actually release it for sale during the second half. Apple fans have been waiting these developments because the new iOS 7 and the iPhone 6 are said to be a huge jump forward for the Cupertino based tech giant.

What could it mean for Samsung Galaxy S5?

Analysing the Beta versions of iOS 7 can give a very good idea of what to expect from the new iPhone 6. We all know about the new biometric finger print security system embedded in the home button. But also expect much better speakers since iOS 7 has a voice only FaceTime feature for better sound clarity. With its auto update system and inclinometer among other power hungry applications, it is pretty certain that Apple is going to give the iPhone 6 a better battery. Rumours have it that the new iPhone 6 will also have a 128GB memory option and possibly a 12MP camera with HD recording and possibly much more functionality that the previous iPhones. Also likely is that Apple will make the phone’s screen bigger, maybe even up to 4.8 to 5 inches to beat back competition from the Samsung Galaxy S4 and its like.… Read the rest

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