Apple iPhone 6 Leaked Video Suggest : Phablet Sized iPhone to Steal Samsung Galaxy Note 3 Limelight?


The Cupertino based tech giant Apple will release a phablet soon according to the Wall Street Journal. Steve Jobs was wary of larger devices and the iPhone 5 is the largest till date with a 4 inch screen. But according to sources within Apple’s many divisions, Apple has actually approached screen makers to send in designs for a larger screen for the iPhone. There is talk of a 4.8 inch screen to even a 6 inch behemoth. This would put it firmly within the phablet section. And given that it has been consistently losing ground to Samsung, it seems likely that Apple will try and emulate the Galaxy Note series’ success. While the sales of Apple iPhone have increased over the last quarter, Apple’s share of worldwide phone sales has actually fallen to 14 percent from the 19 percent it was at this time last year. In the same period [+more]

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Apple iPhone 5S and iPhone 5C Release On 20th of September: Are The Rumors of Features True?


  This year has so far seen a whole barrage of new smartphones being released. Apple in the meanwhile has been playing its cards close to hand. According to latest reports we won’t have to wait much longer. In fact the smart bet is on Apple revealing the iPhone 5S and iPhone 5C on the 10th of September and the completed version of the iOS 7 on the 16th of September. This will be followed by the actual release of the iPhone 5S and the iPhone 5C on the 20th of September, ten days after the initial reveal. The iPhone 5S is the much awaited update to the iPhone 5 and is expected to be built with the new iOS 7 in mind. The iPhone 5C is the rumoured inexpensive iPhone that will be built out of cheaper materials and run slightly lower specification – but it will also have [+more]

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