Apple iPad Seduces With Amazon As Paramour— Kamasutra Xcitra Might Just Up iPad Sales And Get You Cozy

And you thought the Apple iPad was only designed for geeks? Taking Samsung Galaxy S’s claim to have been designed for humans, Apple has taken a route most of us failed to even imagine. Sex and seduction sells in any case-Apple has believed this adage too seriously and has chosen … Read the rest

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Apple Whitewashes Plans for iPhone 5S and Retina iPad Mini Arrival—Are The Makers Fumbling With Their Creations?

Half a month back, I was all set to buy the latest Apple iPhone 5S this June but now the makers have squashed my plans. The Apple iPhone 5S has been in news for being more economical than its predecessors and I wanted to be among the first to get … Read the rest

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Apple iPad Mini 2 Vs Surface Pro: Would Windows Blue Drive Apple iOS into the Blues?

Even though Microsoft’s Windows 8 OS met with considerable success, the same doesn’t quite hold true when it comes to its foray into the tablet space with the Surface and Surface RT tablets. Both these tablets boast terrific specs and are quite powerful for their form factor, the high price … Read the rest

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Google Nexus 10 Vs Apple iPad Mini : Nexus More Scalable And Secure, Says Google Chairman

Google’s Big Tent Event, being organized in India– has got the Chairman Eric Schmidt thinking. His views on his competitors Amazon, Blackberry and the invincible Apple are indeed many.

When asked about his views on Blackberry and the other companies, Schmidt replied that he was a Blackberry user and liked … Read the rest

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Samsung Galaxy S4 Vs Apple iPhone 5: The Big Fat Entertaining Features Pushes To Take Hard Look At Apple

The recent launch of the Samsung Galaxy S4 has captured the attention of the media and Smartphone lovers alike – taking the limelight away from the Apple iPhone 5 and the upcoming Apple iPhone 6

Apple—the core rival and competitor of the flagship products from the House of Samsung is … Read the rest

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Microsoft Surface Pro Vs Goole Nexus 10 Vs Apple iPad: A Rare Windows 8 Assortment Leaves Tablet World Agape

If you’re wondering why Microsoft hasn’t been in the news for Windows 8 since the OS launched a few months ago, well, don’t worry, it’s all going pretty well for the company. All those months of hype and aggressive marketing appear to have paid off for Microsoft, with Windows 8 … Read the rest

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