The Price Of Apple iPad Mini 2 to Get Slashed to Keep Up With Kindle Fire HD and Google Nexus 5

Apple’s ipad Mini 2 which has been seen doing the rounds with $329, has recently given a significant fall in its price rate. As per as the investor’s note given by the Citi Research, Apple plans to begin its ipad distribution with a price radius which is estimated to be $100 below what the existing model trades for. (is this being done to beat Kindle Fire HD and Google Nexus devices)

Despite the fact that a price drib from $329 to as low as $250 would unquestionably aid Cupertino with other competitive and cheap Android tablets available in the market, it gives bottomless impression that Apple would establish such a stagy price scratch for iPad mini 2. Though the fact remains that it is extensively projected to feature a Retina Display, which may further add to the standing manufacturing costs.

Relatively, it appears far more credible that the Citi Research note will denote the price fall on the inventive, ie, original iPad mini, or perchance a marginally updated version. Alternatively, the iPad mini 2 will still proclaim at the original price radius of its precursor, around $329.

In an investors note obtained by CNET, written by Citi Research analyst Glen Yeung , it has been stated that, “Supply chain checks by Citi’s Asia-Pac Technology Team suggest a mix shift surprisingly toward Apple’s older iPhone4/4S.” Further, it indicated that with their prospect of a low end phone scheduled for September launch , followed by sub- $250 ipad mini, they presume this trend to continue.

The Citi Research note resonances an April dispatch from KGI Securities analyst Ming- Chi Kuo. In the note, Kuo recommends numeral stratagems Apple may chase so as to get down the costs of the iPad mini 2 and sanction it to compete with Android devices, which usually aims lesser price tag and have successfully seen invading lower- income population.

“Former to iPad mini 2 launch, Apple may reel up a more reasonably priced iPad mini to contest with Android gadgets. In order to amend costs, Apple may shove for lesser constituent prices, utilize more progressive process to produce the A5 processor, slash metal casing production, eliminate the rear camera, scratch storage to 8GB and fetch for more module suppliers to lower costs. We consider this cut-rate iPad mini trade for US$199~249.”

Whatsoever the instance may be, it’s probable we wont have to delay much longer to catch out. Apple’s WWDC 2013 will come out on June 10 and it’s more than in the cards that the iPad mini 2 will be revealed there.… Read the rest

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Samsung Galaxy Note 2 Vs Apple iPad Mini Vs Kindle Fire HD: A Peep Into The Exciting World Of Tablets or Should We Say “Phablets”

As screen sizes are becoming larger by the day, the boundary between the displays of smart phones and tablets definitely on the verge of blurring. With tablets boasting of a screen in the range of 7- up to 13-inches—what do we call the 5.5-inch Samsung Galaxy Note 2?

Phablets-power packed with a flurry of applications, internet based games, upgraded software and loads of features in tow, are now providing the buzz for media watchers and users alike. The year 2012 saw the reign of the iPad 2, which set the highest benchmarks of quality and standards for the other tablets which followed. The crazy race went on throughout the year—with the launch of the “New iPad” and the iPad 4 soon after.

With access to its huge app store and iTunes libraries, the iPad 2 still provides the best tablet experience to its users. The others in the race to the top include the Microsoft Surface RT–with its appealing built and attractive kickstand, the Amazon Kindle Fire HD– with an excellent screen and ample speakers and obviously the Samsung Galaxy Note 10.1—which has established its success in more ways than one.

Which one of these is for you?




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