Apple MacBook Pro 2013 Release : Loaded With Retina, Haswell and Sharp4k IGZO Features


In the Worldwide Developers Conference 2013, Apple declared that it will bring a refreshed version of MacBook Air, with ultra-thin and lightweight notebook range with Intel Haswell CPU and internal upgrade. While this is not a very big upgrade to be considered, Haswell processors major advantage was enhanced battery life for 11 inches and 13inches MacBook Air revives. Apple MacBook Pro combines with Haswell Processor With MacBook pro not getting enough limelight at the WWDC in 2013, rumours suggest that the professional lineup notebook will come with Haswell processors. The notebook is suggested to come up with Haswell GT 3 processor. This will boost the overall battery life of the notebook. Rumours say that Haswell GT3 processor ain MacBook Pro with Retina Display can offer you an all-day battery life with one charge. Expected Changes! With Retina Display ensuring to make its place in the next lot of MacBook Pro [+more]

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MacBook Pro 2013 with Haswell Release Date: The Truth Behind The October Release Date


Latest sources quote that the MacBook Pro 2013 with Haswell release date is scheduled for this October. Apple has also initialized training its AppleCare support staff for the upcoming OS X Mavericks release. Within these trainings, the support staff will be taught the operating system’s new features, installation process, and troubleshooting options for a minimum six hours over the next few weeks, reports claim. Post an official announcement in June, the new OS X Mavericks will be officially unveiled in October side-by-side the announcement of the new MacBook Pro model(s). Another fact, pointing to the October release states that since Apple already released its refreshed iMacs and MacBook Air lines, eventually, the same process awaits their latest prodigy. The former devices also act as a preetext on the possible specs and features of MacBook Pro 2013.   Since apple’s supply chain is ready to deliver the components needed for MacBook Pro 2013, [+more]

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Google Nexus 10 Release Date, Rumors, Specs and Price: Top 5 Reasons Why You Should Not Wait For Apple iPad 5 Release


After the release of iPhone 5C/5S, Google has geared up for the big Nexus event, to be held in mid-October. The latest buzz of the Smartphone world reveals that Google will release the Nexus 10 tab, a day before the Apple proposed iPad 5/ iPad Mini occasion scheduled on 15th October. Google wants a head start before Apple grabs some great attention. The 1st version of Nexus 10 proved to be a great alternative to Apple’s iPads. Features of Nexus 10 2 The 2nd generation Nexus 10 will be designed by Asus and the 10 inch Nexus tablet with Asus label will be available online through Google Play on the day of its release and run on Android Jelly Bean 4.4 Kitkat OS. The price has been slashed and the 16GB model is being sold at $350. Features of Apple iPad 5 Rumours suggest that the iPad 5comes compacted with [+more]

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Goole Nexus 10 to Release Date Before Apple iPad 5 Release: To Get A Head Start Before Apple New iPad Dominates


The latest grapewine suggest that Google will launch the second-generation Nexus 10  tablet, just a day before Apple’s purported iPad 5/ iPad Mini event booked for October 15. Aiming to get a head start before Apple by claiming some spotlight with its Nexus 10  tablet, the original Nexus 10 tablet proved its popularity in the market, providing an alternative to Apple’s iPads. Nexus 10  most likely manufactured by Asus Nexus 10 was originally manufactured by Samsung, but the Nexus 7 tablet was manufactured by Asus. U.K. based PC world recently shared photo of a device that looked like a 10-inch Nexus tablet with Asus branding. The 16GB version of the tablet is supposedly priced at £350, a noticeable price rise as compared to its predecessors. Preparing for the Nexus 10 2 model, retailers will be slashing prices, looking to clear its stock of the Nexus 10 model. So mid-October this [+more]

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How Would Microsoft Surface 2 Release Effect The Apple iPad Mini 2 and Apple iPad 5 Alleged Release on October 15?

    Microsoft Surface pro 2 and Surface 2 release is yet to be released but in an announcement made at an event in New York both the tablets would launch with Windows 8.1. According to, “Surface chief Panos Panay Surface pro 2 would take away  people’s attention from iPad “. The new Microsoft Surface would come with a  0.6 inch screen and a full 1080p full HD display. Also the successor of Microsoft would be thinner and lighter. The tablet would be powered by Nvidia Tegra 4 ARM-based processor and would come in black and silver colors. Apple iPad Mini 2 vs Apple iPad 5 vs Microsoft Surface 2 So would Microsoft Surface Pro 2 give competition to upcoming Apple iPad 5 and Apple iPad Mini2? Apple iPad 5 and Apple iPad mini 2 release is rumored to be October 15. Both the tablets would come with iOS 7 [+more]

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Apple iPhone 6 Release Date Confirmed: 10th of September? iOS 7 Release to Follow


The AllThingsD forum has said that a new iPhone will be revealed by Apple on the 10th of September. Adding credibility to this is one Jim Dalrymple who has till date been absolutely correct when it comes to Apple rumours. What we expect is that Apple will reveal its new iOS 7 and at least one new iPhone by the 10th of September followed by releasing the new phone and operating system on the 18th of the month. It is quite likely that Apple will reveal the new iPhone 6 and the iPhone 5S on the media event on the 10th but Apple will likely only release one phone first. The reasoning is that not only is this the templates that the late Steve Jobs swore by but also that Apple will likely be releasing the new iPad 5 at the same time. There is a lot of new stuff [+more]

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