Apple Macbook Pro 2013 Release: Coming in Two version, The Price of Mac Pro to Shoot Up


In all probability Apple Macbook pro would release on October 25. Macbook Pro is the most anticipated ultra book of the year and since months, Apple enthusiasts are looking forward to an Apple Macbook Pro upgrade.

According to Christian, the new Macbook Pro would be hitting the shelves on October 25 and it is expected that Apple Macbook Pro would feature the new Intel Haswell processor.”

As the Apple Macbook release nears, more and more features are coming to surface.  Apple analysts have reported that Apple would roll out two model of Macbook Pro, one with Retina display and one without retina display.

Though both the models of Apple Macbook Pro would come with extended battery life, some tech analysts have also reported that prices of both the models would shoot up.

Apple is also releasing its new OS called OSX Mavericks and Macbook Pro would come pre-loaded with the OS. Apple would also release Apple iPad 5 and Apple iPad Mini 2 this year.  And experts believe that just like Apple iPad mini, Apple iPad 5 would be lighter and thinner  .

According to, “The iPad 5 is rumored to feature a design similar to the old iPad mini. That means it will be significantly thinner, lighter, and will give it smaller side bezels.The iPad 5 is also expected to come with the same 64-bit A7 processor as the iPhone 5S and an 8-megapixel camera.The new iPad Mini 2 will also feature the new processor, an 8-megapixel camera, and a Retina Display.”… Read the rest

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Apple Mac Pro Release to Come With Macbook Pro 2013 With Haswell, Apple Macbook Air Convertible

If reports are to be believed, the Apple is all set to launch the MacBook Pro on the 17th November.

Apple Mac Roundup, a French website, reports that the powerful and feature packed desktop from Apple, MacPro, will be announced for sale from 17th November. The site also has claimed that they have obtained the release information from the same source who had passed the release information of the 5th generation iPod the previous year.

On the other hand, the tech giant has also indicated that it will be releasing the MacBook Pro in the fall. The Mac Pro was unveiled by Apple  at the Worldwide Developers’ Conference that was held in June. The Mac Pro flaunts several exciting features like 1,833 MHz memory, 12-core Intel Xeon processor and also flash memory storage.

Apple Macbook Pro to Release With LTE Capabilities? Users Feels Its High Time Apple iPhone 6 and Apple iPad 5 Come With LTE  

Along with the Mac Pro, it is also highly likely that Apple will launch the 2013 Haswell MacBook Pro, 2014 MacBook Air Convertible and also the New Mac Pro on the 17th November. The New Mac Pro will be featuring the dual, standard GPUs for clearer and better graphics and will also be supporting several streams for the innovative 4K displays. This is the first ever Mac Pro to have been assembled together in the USA. … Read the rest

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Apple Macbook Pro to Release With LTE Capabilities? Users Feels Its High Time Apple iPhone 6 and Apple iPad 5 Come With LTE


Apple Macbook pro 2013 would be hitting the shores within two weeks. We are already told you that Apple would bestow the consumers with 13 and 11 inch Retina display model. However, there is still no news about Apple Macbook Pro LTE capabilities.  Till date none of the Apple products have been able to offer LTE capabilities to its consumers.

LTE capabilities make for a cheaper and better data plan experienceand it is high time that Apple should consider bringing this feature to its line of products, especially Apple Macbook Pro. Apart from LTE capabilities we are also expecting a thinner Macbook Pro. It has also been rumored that Apple Macbook Pro is going for a sharper and better display technology.

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Apple has already got a LTE patent for Apple macbook and according to, “The patent, detailed at Patently Apple, highlights a cavity in the MacBook Pro that could fit a 4G LTE antenna. An earlier Macbook Pro 3G prototype appeared on eBay with an external antenna.”

Apple users have their hopes pinned to Apple macbook pro as far as LTE capabilities are concerned. One of the Apple users, Tyler Ridings tweeted, “If my new Macbook Pro had built-in LTE, it would be 100x more awesome.”

Let us know your thoughts about Apple Macbook Pro LTE capabilities.

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Apple Macbook Pro With Haswell Chip October 22 Release: New Reports Suggest Sharper Display


Apple is all set to launch its fresh line of products. The first phase of the launch (scheduled on October 22 ) will see the release of Apple OS X Mavericks followed by the release of Apple Macbook Pro and Apple iPad  5 on October 25. The industry experts are saying that Apple is not going to make any external changes in the new line of Macbook Pro; however there will be internal changes. The Intel Haswell processor would boost the battery life and a new display technology would give boost to Apple Macbook pro graphics.

A new report claims that Apple will use a supreme display technology. David Hsieh, vice-president of Display Search in China told CNET “Based on supply chain research, we believe Apple is planning to revamp nearly all of the displays in its products over the next year. This would indicate that Apple, once again, intends to count on display technology for new product innovation. We can speculate about Apple’s new products as follows.”

There are already predictions that Apple will enhance the display of Macbook Pro by leaps and bounds. It may have a resolution of 3840×2160, thanks to Sharp’s IGZO display. It is also rumoured that Apple Macbook Pro may go extremely thin.… Read the rest

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Apple MacBook Pro Releasing on October 25! Gear Up All Apple Fans For Tremendous Features

If you are an apple fan and a brand loyal dedicated customer of apple’s products, you better mark 25 october in your calendars as Apple has announced to launch its all new MacBook Pro 2013. Apple is the leading giant in computers, laptops, mobile phones, tablets and the related accessory and dominates the market. All its products have been well accepted by the customers and now this new product is all set to put market on fire.

MacBook Pro 2013 Release Date is Oct 25: 3 Essential Features to Expect:

The three features that you can definitely anticipate in this upcoming MacBook are:

  1. Similar configuration with both retina and non-retina build

Just like the other MacBooks, it will have a powerful processor. Battery backup after a single charge will be relatively higher and will last for 12 hours even after rigorous use. Moreover, two kinds of models will be manufactured – with retina scan and without retina scan, to serve a wider range of consumers.

  1. Higher price

Since it’s more advanced and have a lot of updates, it can be viable expected that the price of this MacBook will be higher. But to survive the competition with windows, Apple has to take special care of it.

  1. OS X maverick will be now affordable

The newly built MacBooks will have the advanced Maverick operating system but those who are looking forward to update, Maverick will now be more affordable.

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Apple Macbook Pro and Apple Mac Pro Release : Top 7 Tips for To Buy New Macbook Pro

Let us power all you MacBook Pro buyers with these 7 useful tips that might just better your hard earned investments.

Firstly, Do not buy a New MacBook Pro Right Now! Like the reputed iOS 7 came up with a Bug fix days into its launch, you might just expect the same in this case. Apple is prone to release upgraded and better models

Next, Prepare for an Imminent Release Date. Apple wants them to sell like hot cakes. They’ll make you feel like you’re missing out on something. Well, you are, but we highly recommend doing a thorough check up on its basic features and a cumulative specs research on the Gold Version of OS X Mavericks.

In-Store Selection Will Be Limited.  Buyers looking for a basic model can literally walk-in into the stores and pick them of the shelf. Those looking for modifying them won’t be so lucky.

Take a Closer Look at the MacBook Air. This helps you get a better idea of what to expect on d-day.

Now Think Power. The New MacBook Pro houses a dual-GPUs, a 4K video support and high-end performance configurations. Those looking for impeccable performance, the buck stops here

Invest in AppleCare. Let’s face it, the money involved here is quite a lot and even though one can assure themselves to take good care of the machine (even in its 1st year), getting your MacBook covered is a good option.

Get Accessories. Lugging the MacBook around does offer a great deal of wear and tear to the lid. Try  buying a protection for the lid & a magic mouse for the touch-screen.

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Apple Macbook Pro 2013 and Mac Pro New Release Date is Mid of November: What to Expect? 


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Apple Macbook Air Sales To Get Hit By Apple Macbook Pro 2013 New 12-inch Variation ?

Not a day passes when we don’t hear a rumor about Apple Macbook Pro. The latest we have heard is that Apple Macbook Pro would come in an ultra thin 12 inch variation. According to the retina display featured Apple Macbook Pro will hit the shores mid-2014, and for now Apple Macbook Pro may go a lot thinner. So should we not expect a retina display in the Apple Macbook Pro 2013 version?

Other exciting rumors have also suggested that Apple Macbook Pro could go a lot thinner than the current Apple Macbook Air and even cheaper. KGI Securities anaylst, Ming-Chi Kuo has told Macrumours that, “We expect the unprecedented 12″ model will boast both the portability of the 11″ model, and productivity of the 13″ model. The offering will likely be lighter and slimmer than the existing Macbook Air to further highlight ease of portability in the cloud computing era.”

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Apple Macbook Pro Release October 22 Event Roundup: Phone 5C, OS X Mavericks, Apple iPad 5

Apple Macbook Pro is supposed to release on October 22 and would be followed by the release of Apple iPad 5, Apple iPad Mini 2 and Apple Mac Pro. Macbook Pro would also have an improved battery life, Apple OSX Mavericks and ‘Iris’ integrated graphics. … Read the rest

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Apple Macbook Pro 2013 and Mac Pro New Release Date is Mid of November: What to Expect?


If the new reports from the French website Mac Generation  are to be believed then Apple is all set to release the new Apple Macbook Pro, Mac Pro and Apple iPad 5 by the mid of November. These reports are contrary to alleged October 22 release. However, the target week for Apple Macbook Pro and Apple iPad 5 still remains last week of October. So should we expect Apple Mac launch by mid- November and other Apple products by the end of October?

Regarding Apple Macbook Pro, this year Apple would be offering its 13-inch and 15-inch variations. The leaked benchmarks and pictures have also given us fair idea about the specifications of the new Apple Macbook Pro.

It will have a new and improved battery life, thanks of Haswell Processor, and a power packed ‘Iris’ integrated graphics. The improvements in the new Macbook generation are sure to boost up its sales. Other features which Apple Macbook Pro can support are faster PCI Express-based flash storage, as well as faster 802.11ac “Gigabit” Wi-Fi.

Meanwhile Apple iPad 5 and Apple iPad Mini 2 would come with retina display and would have Apple OSX mavericks. Both the tablets are highly anticipated tablets for Fall 2013. On the other hand Apple Mac Pro would sport a compact cylindrical design and would have a blisteringly fast PCI Express-based flash storage.… Read the rest

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Apple Macbook Pro 2013 Release October 22 Roundup: Apple iPad 5, OSX Mavericks, Retina Display, Haswell


If rumors are to be believed than Apple Macbook Pro is just a week away from release. According to there are clear indications that Apple may release Apple Macbook Pro after Apple iPad fall event. The Apple iPad event is rumored to take place on October 22 and technology giant would be focusing on Apple iPad, OS XMavericks and Macbook Pro updates. So what is expected from Apple Macbook Pro? Based on the rumors here are some predictions of Apple Macbook Pro 2013 features:

Apple Macbook Pro with Retina Display: All the leaks and rumors have pointed out that Apple Macbook Pro would be launched with retina display. Apple has said to be taken this decision after sales of Macbook pro without retina display dipped. Retina display is the trump card of Apple and we are highly anticipating this feature in Apple Macbook Pro 2013.

Along With Apple MacbookPro , Apple Mac Mini would be announced: There are also possibilities that Apple may announce, Apple Mac mini along with Apple macbook pro. Both Macbook pro and Mac Mini are predicted to receive a Hasswell chip update.

Apple Macbook Pro is going to be thinner: Bye –Bye bulky Apple Macbook Pro, Apple has decided to settle for a lighter Apple Macbook Pro this time.

So in whole would we see Apple Macbook Pro with retina sisplay and haswell chip?

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Top 10 Reasons Why Apple Macbook pro 2013 is A Bettery Buy Than Apple Macbook Air?


With the launch of the Apple 2013 MacBook Pro and the MacBook Air, the competition is sure to heat up, more between the MBP and the MBA.

Why buy the Apple Macbook pro?

  • For the clueless, the MacBook Pro 13 flaunts a 13.3 inch LED- backlit glossy widescreen screen display. It features uninterrupted, edge-to-edge glass screen with a 1280x 800 pixel resolution.
  • The machine is powered by a 2.4 GHz Intel Core i5 dual-core processor featuring 3 MB 3 L3 cache and 3.1 GHz with Turbo Boost Technology.
  • The MacBook Pro 2013 is also equipped with Intel HD Graphics 4000 integrated graphics processor.
  • It is installed with 4 GB RAM. This DDR3 RAM clocks at 1600 MHz and can be expanded to 8 GB.
  • It boasts of 8xslot –loading SuperDrive along with dual-layer DVD support.
  • The Apple MacBook Pro 2013 also has in-built 720p FaceTime HD camera which makes video calling but a breeze.
  • The MBP is equipped with WiFi wireless networking for seamless connectivity (  802.11a/b/g compatible, based on 802.11n specification).
  • It also supports Gigabit Ethernet wired networking (10/100/1000).
  • The MBP supports Bluetooth 4.0 to connect with various peripherals like cell phones, mice and keyboards.


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