Best holiday buy; Google Nexus 10 2 or Samsung Galaxy Tab 3 10.1?


As the holidays approach the biggest question arises as to what should be that grand pick? Is it a Samsung Tab or a Google Nexus? Let us have a quick glance at the specifications of these brilliant devices offered by the two tech giants.

Distinguishing Features

  1. Google Nexus 10
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Google Nexus 10 Release Date, Rumors, Specs and Price: Top 5 Reasons Why You Should Not Wait For Apple iPad 5 Release

After the release of iPhone 5C/5S, Google has geared up for the big Nexus event, to be held in mid-October. The latest buzz of the Smartphone world reveals that Google will release the Nexus 10 tab, a day before the Apple proposed iPad 5/ iPad Mini occasion scheduled on 15… Read the rest

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Apple’s Next Baby In Making- Apple iPad 5 Would Come Against Microsoft Surface Pro And Google Nexus 10

Apple often plants a seed onto gadget ground around spring but this seems to have become passé this season!  However, we are all too keen to get hands on the next iPad—probably the iPad 5-as per the classic naming convention that Apple went by.

Right at the beginning, the release … Read the rest

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