The iOS 7 Wish List 2013– Apple, Timothy Cook And Cupertino, Lend Us An Ear

Apple iOS had got me hooked on since my first iPhone. Now that it is facing intense competition from Android, it is time we draw a wish list of specs we wish to see on the classic iOS platform.

USB mass storage coupled with a file browser- Apple might never bow down to allow USB mass storage on iOS coupled with open file set up. However, when it comes to fantasizing Apple is no bar! I just wish the apple iPhone supports plug and play and makes file transfer a breeze.

Apple is no mere fruit we know and a bit of toil to bite an iPhone is justified. However, given so many avatars we have seen on various iOS fed i-Devices, it is time the makers listen to this wish—a notification widget or hub that lets us handle our blues—oops—Bluetooth and contrast aspect in a jiffy.

Apple means serious business. Apple iOS means professionalism redefined. Well, that only makes us carve for a better UI wallpaper stock. We admit that Apple has variety on the wallpaper front that amazes and seduces but when we are high, we aim to touch the stars. Are the makers listening? We wish they lend us an ear.

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Samsung Galaxy S3 Vs Motorola Droid Razr Vs Amazon Kindle: The Cream Of Android

Given the plethora of devices that draws sustenance from Android it is time we do a quick take on the devices that rank high our list in terms of popularity.

  • Samsung Galaxy S3- With the world feeding out of Samsung Galaxy S3’s hands, Android perhaps received the highest boost from the S3. No wonder it accounts for 14 per cent of the Android market in USA.
  •  failed to give us an amazing phone but lapped up fans enough to escalate Android to the top tier of the popularity charts. The Droid atleast gained spot on some list atleast, sigh!
  • Locking horns with smartphones is a tablet that has catapulted the popularity of Android to the top of charts. Amazon Kindle Fire helped Android grab slightly more than 3 percent of the share in the Android niche.

A flood of other devices pumped with Android account for the popularity of the operating system. With names such as Ice Cream Sandwich, Jelly Bean and Lime Pie, the operating system evokes tasteful memories. It seems well justified that it has picked up so much popularity in its race with Apple iOS.… Read the rest

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BlackBerry Z10 Vs iPhone 5: Whose OS Is Permeable Enough Up To Liven Up The App Experience?


RIM is planning to go easy on apps as far as BlackBerry 10 is concerned.  Following in the footsteps of Android and Windows 8, The Canada based company has allowed BitTorrent and uTorrent remote  app on BB 10 at the time of launch. Let us tell you that iOS on Apple iPhone doesn’t provide such flexibility.


The torrent remote app would let users add, monitor, and manage torrents on your home computer from your mobile device. So the next time you want to download a movie or a music album you can do with much ease with your Blackberry remote.


According to BitTorrent, the apps are ready to go and will be available in the BlackBerry World store when BlackBerry 10 launches.

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Microsoft Works to Enhance Windows RT vs Apple iOS

Microsoft is putting its best foot forward to make Windows RT better than Apple iOS.  It won’t be wrong to say that Metro App store of Microsoft bores an uncanny resemblance to Apple App store. But as per Rubicon Development’s Paul Johnson, Microsoft is still lagging behind when it comes to promoting games.

War Games got a lot of fans to iOS still Microsoft is not playing the game card right to promote is App store. According to Johnson, Windows RT has just handful of semi- decent games and it cost Rubicon some £10,000 to port the game and it just managed to earn £52 in its first week on sale.

“That’s not a typo,” writes Johnson. “And despite this, and the fact that GBWG is one of only several halfway decent launch titles, Microsoft has confirmed they will not give us any promotional features or help us with visibility in any way.”

There is no doubt that Apple app store has larger user base as compared to Windows RT app store but still the RT version of the game is not even able to give outdo to Andriod and RIM as far as games are concerned.

“Apple regularly promotes our apps,” he continues. “Android regularly promotes our apps. Even RIM (Blackberry) regularly promotes our apps. We enjoy working with those companies and it’s nice to see them acknowledge that we bring them some small amount of additional value to their setup. Firms our size need a bit of a leg up, and we go out of our way to show our gratitude to the above for helping us out in this way from time to time.”… Read the rest

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