Amazon’s Amazing Discount on Angry Birds Games


The latest in the Angry Birds series, Star Wars, is all set to be out this Thursday, and no one’s more prepared for it than Amazon. To get you all prepped up for the new game, Amazon’s offering a discount of 50% on some of the Angry Birds games for Kindle tablet users. So, if you’re looking to purchase the original Angry Birds HD, or even Angry Birds Rio HD or Angry Birds Space HD, head to the Amazon Appstore and stock up on these games soon!

We’re saying soon not just to get you more excited, but also because this offer’s only on until 11:59PM on November 7. You can get the full versions of these games for just $1.49, down from $2.99. And if you’re among the ones who have been there, done that, well then, wait it out for a few more hours until Rovio brings out the Angry Birds Star Wars game. This game is available for iOS, Android, PC and Mac users. While Android users can purchase this game for 99 cents, Kindle tablet users will have to shell out $2.99 for the same game.

For all the Star Wars fans, this game features Luke, Leia, Han and Chewy going up against stormtrooper pigs. Its official trailer was released yesterday and shows off the powers of each of the characters as well as some of the intergalactic levels in the game.

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Tables Have Turned For ‘Angry Birds’ With A New Game From Rovio ‘ Bad Piggies’



There is some good news for those who felt sad for those poor defenseless piggies, who suffered the wrath of ‘Angry Birds’. Yesterday Rovio, the maker of Angry Birds has turned the tables with its new Game ‘Bad Piggies’ and now it’s time for the piggies to take revenge.

Rovio Asia senior vice president said in the prolific launch ceremony in the Taiwanese capital Taipei, “We decided to choose Taipei as the place for the first global launch as it is one of the cities where ‘Angry Birds’ has been widely downloaded,” he said.

‘ Angry Birds’ is one of the most famous game app. This addictive game involves using slingshots to launch birds at the pigs.  Till date 13 levels of the game have been launched, are all very popular amongst the users.

The launch of ‘Bad piggies’ was attended by Taipei Mayor Hau Lung-bin who described himself as a fan and offered a brief demonstration.

It was in July, a new game called Amazing Alex was launched by the company which rose to become number one in Top App charts but lost its popularity very soon.

Analysts are hoping that”Bad Piggies” could help renew interest in the Rovie by extending the original game’s universe.

“‘Bad Piggies’ will make ‘Angry Birds’ more than just a game. It will create stories for fans and give depth to the popular app,” said IC Jan, from Taipei-based venture capital company App Works Venture.

“Bad Piggies” has been launched on iOS, Android and Mac and versions for Windows Phone, Windows 8 and PCs are still to follow.… Read the rest

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Boom Land Moves on From the Angry Birds Segment!

For those who have seen enough of the Angry Birds, here comes a game, which takes you to a familiar territory but with much more explosives to give you company. Just go ‘Boom Boom’ with this new app ‘Boom Land’…

I am sure most of you would have had enough of the Angry Birds and their pigs and among the flying birds, you would have remembered the funny looking Black Bird (yeah, they are all funny, I admit) which would swell up and explode bringing down the house with its explosive power. Now, Mirage-lab has just introduced its latest app ‘Boom Land’, which really brings out the ‘explosive’ side of you.

The game also gives you a smarter side of setting up and completing levels by placing your dynamite at strategic locations to bring down the structures. The smarter you play, the more you succeed. And besides the regular bowling ball shaped dynamite, you have more innovative explosives at your disposal as well. You can choose between them as per the obstacle in the level with a total of 72 levels to be played in total. As in all games, the difficulty quotient varies with each passing level. And if you are one of those (just like me) who do like to see some ‘good’ explosions happening on their iPhone time and again, then this is the game for you. The game has a clear Boom button which triggers the explosions and you don’t have to worry about the bomb going off all of a sudden while you are determining the exact position for the explosion. The winner’s spoils are dependent on the amount of destruction which can be generated with each planned attack. Ultimate destruction of the piled up structures is the goal for which you have to plan all the steps wisely. There is a progress bar on the screen, which establishes the exact destruction caused by each explosion. A strike rate of over 90 per cent will help you to progress to a new level. With each explosion, you need to place bags of gunpowder to explode at strategic locations. Besides being a good interesting app, which goes Boom, time and again, you can always try out different explosives and see various effects. Also, the setting and obstacles have a striking resemblance to the Angry Birds ensemble, so you won’t be too far away from the all familiar territory. But one good thing is that you would be playing directly with explosives rather than birds which go ‘Poof’!

You can even opt for a free version at iTunes before you purchase the whole package. And yes, if you like to blow up things albeit in a safe way, then do try this at home, office or anywhere you wish like! Boom Land is here and you can just have it on your iPhone or iPad for just 0.99$. So, what are you waiting for, just go ‘BOOM’ today!!!! And just to save the day, there are no piggies riding this game and it is all about destruction with explosives – Boom Time in Boom Land!… Read the rest

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Tapity, Tapity, Tap: One Tap Hero is Here to Stay!

Innovative and fun, the One Tap Hero game works on a single touch concept and still offers interactive entertainment for the gamer. If you haven’t tried it yet, we suggest that you have a go at this unique addition…

Saving a damsel in distress is a tedious business, more so, if the girl in question, your girlfriend, has been turned into a teddy bear. So what do you do to fight the evil wizard and save the day? Well, for beginners, you just need to collect three stars across various levels planned in the One Tap Hero game. The game released by Chillingo Ltd. is a unique puzzle game where the key character, a white figure with inquisitive eyes keeps running across the board to achieve its target. With simple tapping, your character will walk, run, jump or more like hop and operate a number of buttons or levers in his quest to save his lady love. The game, which is an IGF China finalist, a single touch can do multiple tasks making its game play simplistic in operation. But wait, the matters wouldn’t be that easy as well. The game will really test your observation and reflex time as the character will move across the surface with agility and without immediate ‘taps’, you would find yourself out of the equation.

For the fans of Angry Birds game, the settings would seem appealing, reflecting a graphical mélange of colors. With a cute character doing the dirty work, you can see him combating villainous red bots, which look like alien beings from funny video games. The various settings in the game turn within moments to redirect you and keep you engaged at all times. You can’t afford to turn yourself away from the screen for a moment and that I feel should be the characteristic of a good game.

On the other hand, the game relies heavily on the concept of timing and a mismatch can easily land you out of it. That on its part can be quite frustrating as well. The minor issues can be ignored considering the game and its unique storyline. Every time you get to see your girlfriend for a brief period of time when you achieve all three stars in the level but the wizard turns her again when you begin the next level. The hero’s direction is determined by the arrows in the game and the player can’t move on his own. That can be disappointing in some cases. But the game with its own set of ladders, arrows, and bonuses distributed across the scene catches up on you soon enough. There are coins to be collected at every level and many keys, which can open new bonus levels. And with its 100+ levels and unique customizations, it can be a good way to spend your time. Just go Tappity, Tappity, Tap all the way! Designed for the iPhone and the iPad, the game is available for a paltry sum of 0.99 $ and much better than the many platforming games available offering a well enhanced puzzle add-on.… Read the rest

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Amazing Alex from Angry Birds Maker Rovio Hits the Market

Almost after two years of full on concentration on Angry Birds, Rovio Entertainment is out with its first non Angry Birds game ‘Amazing Alex’. Made on the same formula as that of Angry Birds, where players make use of sling shot to attack pigs that have stolen bird eggs, Amazing Alex’s makers say that in their next venture they have taken the physics puzzle fun a little closer to home.

Amazing Alex is about a young boy, Alex, who loves to organize everyday objects but in a creative way. For instance getting a soccer ball into a laundry hamper or toppling a cardboard robot. However, if you want to become a part of the creativity of Alex, then you will have to shed 99 cents from your pocket to enjoy the game on Apple products and Google Play. Nevertheless, a free version is available with fewer levels for Android phone users.

Rovio Entertainment revealed that as the players get on to higher levels they would have to build more complicated devices with balloons, toy trucks, helicopters and more. All in all the players will have 35 tools at their disposal which  they would have to use over 100 levels. This means that there are plenty of puzzles to be solved.

The most exciting part about Amazing Alex is that after solving the puzzles, Rovio also lets you create and share your own levels. Not only this, once you have cleared a level you can also share the solutions with other players at the iOS Game Center. However, some of the users have complained  about facing problems accessing the Game Center from their iOS devices. However, Rovio has assured that this problem shall  be soon taken care of.

Now what remains  to be seen is that how well this game gets to be accepted by its users and if it shall match the success that Angry Birds has attained.

This new game from Rovio does not mean that it’s not paying attention to its first and much loved game Angry Birds. As a matter of fact, the company has already announced that it is on the verge of making Angry Birds a part of PlayStation 3, Xbox 360 and Nintendo 3DS with animated, reactive backgrounds and HD graphics.

More good news for the Angry Birds fans is that the company is planning to release a version of the game where you play as the egg-swiping pigs.… Read the rest

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