New Android OS Is Here; It’s Called The Marshmallow

Ever since Google announced they will be launching the Android M, there were speculations regarding the significance of the dessert it will be named after. Google has confirmed that the new Android M has been nick-named “Marshmallow”. The makers of the new OS have stated that the launch will happen later during fall but no dates have been finalized. This has got Android lovers excited because they are expecting a lot from the latest updates.

MarshmallowWhat will be new with “M”

One of the major updates would be granular app permissions that Android users have missed for a long time now. Users will now be able to modify the app permission beforehand so that it does not pop up every time during a download from the play store.

The Android Lollipop, which was the last update of the operating system, centered on the design factor. However, Android 6 Marshmallow will work more towards polishing the features and functions. This includes fixing some bugs associated with the Lollipop.

An advanced Android pay system has also been introduced with Marshmallow, which will enable customers to make payments through mobile phones a lot easier. Along with this, security features have been enhanced, which will additionally result in secure payments.

The Virtual Assistant from Google Android will be getting a touch up and will now work more efficiently with the Android 6.

What’s more in the kitty?

Android M will also have a standardized support for fingerprints as necessary APIs are introduced. Type C USB along with floating toolbar and direct share will also be there with the new Android M.

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Android M Vs Apple iOS 9—A Tough Choice To Make Thanks To Bevy Of Latest Features

Android M has finally managed to gain a fair number of fans but with the arrival of iOS 9 last Monday, the platform could lose few admirers thanks to the Apple onslaught. Here are the best of what each of these platforms have to offer:

Android M Vs Apple iOS 9—A Tough Choice To Make Thanks To Bevy Of Latest FeaturesGoogle has included the much awaited kill-switch feature in this Android 5.1 version and this also finds place on Android M. In addition, Android M will also incorporate smart home-related tech via Nest software. Enhanced OS interactions with smartwatches will also find place on Android M. Android Auto software will be the pivotal point on the platform, according to a Reuters report.

Stability issues from the iOS 8 will see fixation on the iOS 9. An all new application, Home is anticipated on the latest iOS variant. This will be seen as a control point for third-party products. The overall look of iOS 9 comes all new and revamped, complete with the San Francisco font as well. This font was seen on the Apple Watch earlier. Another app called Transit on iOS 9 will make public transport based city navigation a piece of cake. 

It is tough to pick a platform between Android M and iOS 9 since both come laced with latest features that can change the way we use our smartphones.

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New Moto X May Feature Rear Fingerprint Scanner: Report

Buzz has it that Motorola is coordinating with Google to develop a fingerprint scanner technology for the upcoming Google Nexus 6. However, now the official stance has made it clear that the next Nexus phone will not have this feature. On another end, fresh rumors have emerged stating that an upcoming Moto X variant will soon arrive. This one will be loaded with a fingerprint scanner, according to what was spotted in an early pre-production model for Moto X.

This has been spotted in an assembly line of the product. What is surprising is that the scanner is placed behind the hood–under the camera sensor.

Pre-production model of the Moto X spotted with rear fingerprint scannerPerhaps it is too early to confirm this as the scanner that was ditched at the last minute on the Nexus 6.

Looking at the past, Motorola initiated the tradition of fingerprint scanners with the Atrix 4G model about half a decade ago. With Android M aiding fingerprint scans in the current time it will only be apt for Motorola to feature it once again!  

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Now Google Will Tell You How Many Calories You Are Consuming Just By Looking At Your Food

You might have taken pictures of your food and posted on social media, just to show off your cooking skills or to boast off your ‘food knowledge’. But this time you would be forced to take many more pictures of the food you eat because Google is coming up with a ‘killer app’ that will count the calories in the dish by simply looking at the food pic, as confirmed by Techradar.

Google to launch ‘im2Calories’ to count calories looking at food picsIsn’t it interesting to know how many calories are going into your belly? All you have to do is to simply click a picture of your food and use the app named ‘im2Calories’. Using the physical qualities of the food, the app would suggest the calories present in it.

Although the app is still in early phase of development and Google doesn’t have any plans to introduce it soon, it seems Kevin Murphy, the research scientist of Google couldn’t hide his excitement. He talked everything about the impending app at the Rework Deep Learning Summit. “If we can do this for food, that’s just the killer app,”, he said.

However it is not sure that this app will be available on Android M or not, but it will be most likely to turn up on Android N. … Read the rest

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Android M Welcomes New Google Search Feature And Android Pay

Android M has seen official introduction from Google’s stable on Thursday at the I/O conference in San Francisco. There is no way to know if Google has christened its Android M on lines of Ice cream Sandwich or Lollipop yet but we do know that for now the platform is accessible only to developers.

Android M Welcomes In New Google Search Feature And Android PayThe latest preview did reveal that a single press and hold on the home button of your Android M smart gadget could open up Google Search. So no more swipes along the top of your home screens will be needed.

A huge leap though is that Google Now is more sensitive to context thanks to Now On Tap. Using this feature, your phone will know what email you are dealing with or what music file you are accessing.

Android M also means the arrival of Android Pay. We have heard about this since MWC in March this year but it is only now that users will be able to use apps for processing payments over an application or at stores. Read the rest

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Google I/O Conference 2015: Google Pleases Us With Android M, App Linking And Battery Saving Features

Google I/O at San Francisco has been a head turner of an event after much anticipation of what Google would or could announce. Android M was the biggest revelation of the day. Though not officially christened or launched for consumers, the developers-only-version  revealsed sweeping changes to the way we see Android.

Google Pleases Us With Android M, App Linking And Battery Saver Features At I/O ConferenceGoogle has made vital announcements about its app permissions and has made the acess to them less complex. Therefore, you can kick off the worry of saying yes to long app permission questions. All you need to do is permit an app to use a specific feature.

Chrome custom tabs were another new deal announced at the I/O Conference. With this, developers can pile up custom features that can be seen over apps. Therefore, inter-app linkage with features will now be reality. This also means quick switch over time among apps.

If the previews are to be believed, then extending battery life of Android phone in the near future will only need activation of the dozing feature. With this mode on, the motion sensor of the device will be stagnant. There has been a long list of doings from  Google that scored a hit at the developers’ conference. Watch this space for more updates trickling in.… Read the rest

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