Microsoft Office 365 Editing Feature Not Free For iPad Pro Users

In case you have missed this little slip, it has come to light that advanced features of the Microsoft Office 365 would be chargeable on the Apple iPad Pro. This means users would have to shell out extra monies to use advanced features like editing on the iPad Pro. Note that these facilities are absolutely free on the Apple iPad. Prospective buyers should keep this in mind while purchasing the latest iPad Pro.

Microsoft Office 365 Editing Feature Would Not be Free for iPad Pro UsersThis is not particularly surprising as Microsoft had announced way back in March 2015 that any device with a display of more than 10.1 inches would need an Office 365 subscription to use it.

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Here’s How To Access Microsoft Office 365 Trial And Office Preview – See more at:
Here’s How To Access Microsoft Office 365 Trial And Office Preview – See more at:
Here’s How To Access Microsoft Office 365 Trial And Office Preview – See more at:

However, Apple’s iPad Pro is the first device running on iOS that will have to pay to use the editing feature on the Office 365 app. It would cost around $ 6.99 per month to get the subscription.

Microsoft first introduced Office for iPad in 2014. As soon as it was released, it became one of the top apps that could be downloaded for free. A subscription was required to edit and use advanced features on the app when it was first introduced. The company did away with these charges in the latter part of 2014, making the editing feature free to use.

Now, the company has hinted at a subscription for devices with bigger screen sizes. Office 365 is an extremely popular app used by more than a billion people, which helps Microsoft rake in a decent sum of money. Microsoft works really hard on this product to make it better and more productive with new features each time.

Recently, the company released Office 2016 for Windows and Mac that comes with several additional features including a black theme, Tell Me Assistant and the feature of co-authoring posts.

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Asus Transformer Convertibles Take The Middle Path

Taiwanese manufacturer Asus has announced two new convertible gadgets, the Transformer Book T100HA and Transformer Book Flip TP200SA. These gadgets meet the requirement of people who want a tablet at one moment and a laptop soon later. User requirements of computing are so varied today that these convertibles will soon make a space for themselves.

Asus Transformer Book T100HA at a glance

The Asus Transformer Book T100HA is an easy-to-use tablet supported with a completely detachable keyboard along with 10.1-inch display at a resolution of 1280×800 pixels. Powered by the Intel Atom x5-Z8500, this tablet comes with a choice of 2GB as well as 4GB memory along with 128GB, 64GB and 32GB choices for storage. Not just that, the device also offer choices of the operating system you can install. Users can choose between Windows 10 Home or Windows 10 Pro.

To ensure user-friendliness of the device, the makers have offered multiple connectivity options like 3.5mm headphone jack, Micro-HDMI port, Micro-USB 2.0 port, USB 2.0 port and USB Type-C port. The hybrid device is available in rouge pink, aqua blue, silk white and tin gray options. It also supports a 5MP rear camera along with 2MP front-facing camera.

Asus Transformer BookTransformer Book Flip TP200SA at a glance

Transformer Book Flip TP200SA, the name hints about its hinge that can flip 360 degrees. With a 11.6-inch display, the device boasts of a bright screen with a pixels resolution of 1366×768.

Although the device runs on  an Intel Pentium N3700 quad-core processor, the company offers a choice of using it on the Celeron N3050 dual-core chipset. There are two choices for internal storage, viz. 32GB eMMC or 64GB eMMC. Storage is easy with its 4GB drive that can be extended with an 128GB SSD drive.… Read the rest

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A Teardown Review of the iPad Mini 4

iPad Mini 4 vs iPad Air 2When Apple launched the iPad Mini 4, they claimed it was similar to the iPad Air 2 in terms of hardware specifications. iFixit has cracked open the new kid on the block to reveal their similarities in terms of features and design. From the features suggested on the apple website, one could easily give it to the iPad Mini 4 that it’s a smaller version of the iPad Air 2. Lets look at the similarities they enjoy according to iFixit.

Measurements of the iPad Mini 4 are pretty close to the iPad Air 2. Both the devices are really thin at 6.1mm. At the same time, iFixit has pointed out that the iPad Mini 4 also comes with the full laminated screen technology,  much like the iPad Air 2.

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The website also suggests that the Touch ID cable of the iPad Mini 4 is now directly integrated into the display cable, which was also brought into the iPad Air 2. Note that this makes it extremely hard to repair the display panel if needed.

iPad Mini 4 has a single cell battery, which makes it easier to take it out when required. Not only that, the iFixit review suggests the battery is thinner and smaller than that of the iPad Mini 3. The Apple website says iPad Mini 4 has a 19.1 Wh battery.

Some other feature worth noting are the 8MP rear camera along with 1.2MP front camera, which are also provided with the iPad Air 2. Again, both tablets enjoy Apple’s A8 processor and M8 co-processor. However, the iPad Mini 4 now comes with the iOS 9, which makes it an advancement over the bigger iPad Air 2. 

The problem with most of Apple’s products is that they are hard to repair. This issue is going to haunt iPad Mini 4 users as well since extreme amount of adhesive has been used inside the tablet. Even the lightning connector is soldered to the logic board, making the device immensely hard to open and repair. iPad Mini 4 has got a reparability rate of 2 out of 10 according to experts.… Read the rest

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New iOS 9 Update: Better Control, Battery Life

Apple has some really good news for users of the iOS 9. The company released free software updates for Apple iPads and iPhones running on iOS 9 to improve their performance significantly. According to reports, the new updates will not just improve battery life of these devices but also offer enhance functionality of the virtual assistant. A software update for the Apple Watch was also planned for the same day but could not be offered due to some bug issues.

Long battery life

The new update will improve battery life by diminishing use of non-essential tasks or visual effects. With the new update, the phone will also stop checking for automatic updates or email. Siri virtual assistant would also be improved with the update and users will be able to undertake swipe screen activities easily.

Accessing notifications should become easier because everything would be listed on the home screen according to time of occurrence. Alarm, security, maps and news service have also undergone transformation with the latest software update.

Access your iPad more conveniently

Multitasking is now simpler with the new software update on Apple iPad. However, the choices for multitasking have not been increased. Once the new update is installed, the iPad will offer better control like a laptop as sliding is much easier now. Getting the software update is simple, like the previous ones. Yet, users need to ensure proper backup of their data and at least 1.3 GB free space for running the update.… Read the rest

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Apple Launches iPad Mini 4- Indian Buyers Will Have To Wait

In a recent event, the tech-giant Apple has made a series of launch, including two iPhones, iPad Pro, Apple TV and the iPad mini 4. Though the smartphones, iPad Pro and Apple TV got the maximum hype in the media coverage as well as in the event, many are interested to know about the launch of the iPad mini 4.

Apple launches iPad mini 4 iPad mini 4 prices at a glance

The new seven inches tablet of the company, which boasts of interiors quite similar to that of iPad Air 2 has created much hype in the Indian market. However, the company has not made any announcement regarding its launch or price in India. Even though there is no official confirmation, NDTV Gadgets reported the price of iPad mini 4 Wi-Fi 16GB model to be around Rs. 28, 900. While the 64 GB variant is reportedly priced at Rs. 35,900 and 128 GB is priced at Rs. 42, 900. The reports also indicate that 16GB Wi-Fi cum cellular iPad mini 4 is priced at Rs. 38,900, 64GB at Rs, 45,900 with 128 GB at Rs. 52,900.

Though sources have revealed the prices of the models, there is no information regarding the release dates of the models. Therefore, people waiting for the launch of this new tab will have to wait for some more time. … Read the rest

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Apple Set To Launch iPad Pro And iPad Mini 4 On September 9

Apple’s main release event for its latest launches will be held on September 9 at Bill Graham Civic Auditorium in San Francisco. Insiders reveal that the Cupertino giant will launch the iPhone 6s and iPhone 6s Plus along with the iPad Pro and the iPad Mini 4.

Knowing The iPad Pro                      

For starters, it is time you revise what you know about the iPad Pro.  It is a 12-incherApple Set To Launch  iPad Pro And iPad Mini 4 tablet and has been rumored since 2014. We expect it to run on the OS X and new reports suggest that it will be built in with Force Touch, which harks back to the Apple Watch.

We are also anticipating a split-screen feature. Apple will ship the Pro from November and you could begin pre orders from October. According to a report published on 9to5Mac, the new iPad Pro will not come in a 16 GB variant but only in 128 and 64 GB models. However, the fact that you can get hands of colors such as grey, silver and gold lends some cheer.  

Here’s The iPad Mini 4

Coming to the next release on cards, the iPad Mini 4 will come packed with interesting hardware in a bid to erase the damp memories we have of the iPad Mini 2. On the physical front we expect a sleek build on a 7.9 incher screen and a powerful A-series chip. Throw in a pair of camera sensors, Force Touch and support for split-screen that will indeed enhance the quality of the iPad Mini 4.

As for the price bit, the iPad Pro could stand at around $1000, while the iPad Mini 4 will touch the $399 mark.Read the rest

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IFA 2015: Lenovo Launches Yoga Tab 3, Idea Centre, IdeaPad And ThinkPad

Berlin is experiencing some grand moments at the IFA 2015 as tech-giants are unveiling new devices for their fans. After Motorola, another reputed brand, Lenovo launched Yoga Tab 3 devices, Idea Centre, IdeaPad and ThinkPad at the event. Though these formed the major attraction, the Vibe smartphones, viz. Vibe P1m, Vibe P1 and Vibe S1 was also unveiled during the event. This is also not all, Phab series smartphones were also announced by the company during this event.

Lenovo launches  Yoga Tab 3, Idea Centre, IdeaPad and ThinkPad New devices at a glance

 Even though the company unveiled some of its trendiest devices, Lenovo fans will have to wait for some more time to get these on stores. According to the reports, Lenovo Vibe P1m priced at $159 will be available in sale from mid-september, while Lenovo P1 will be on sale from $279 and is priced at $279. Lenovo Vibe S1, which is priced $299 will be on sale from November. However, it will not be made available in North America.

The company also mentioned that the Vibe-series smartphones will be launched only in the countries, where the company has its smartphone market. Smartphones of the Lenovo Phab and Lenovo Phab Plus also would be available in selected countries. Lenovo is known for manufacturing sleek and trendy devices without making quality compromise and the recently unveiled devices are also expected to keep the same trend alive. … Read the rest

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Over 225,000 Apple Accounts Compromised- KeyRaider Malware Steals Information From Devices

More than 225,000 accounts of Apple users have been stolen by malware KeyRaider. Though the news is sure to raise eyebrows, it will be wrong to point fingers on the makers, as the devices were jail broken. Apple is always known for offering high end security on their devices and the credentials were stolen only from the people, who decided to do away with the inbuilt security settings.

 Over 225,000 Apple accounts compromisedMalware steals confidential information

Many users compromise with the inbuilt security of the handset for installing free apps and in turn allow malware to access their accounts. Weiptech, a Chinese developer group along with Palo Alto Networks security firm revealed that the iOS malware has hacked the purchasing receipt, private keys, certificates and account credentials from the phones. It has also been reported that the credentials were misused for purchasing apps in other devices.

 Devices with inbuilt Apple security safe from theft

The reports also claimed that users, who have not opted for jail breaking their devices will not have to worry about the security of their credentials, as those will not be affected by any malware. With a few days left for the much anticipated iPhone launch, the news of this security issue has shocked every Apple admirer. … Read the rest

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LG Announces G-PAD II 10.1

Before an official unveiling, LG has pre-announced their new tablet, the G-PAD II 10.1. This tablet will be announced in Berlin in the coming two weeks with some fine improvements. In comparison to G-Pad II 8.0, G-Pad 10.1 is now loaded with Snapdragon 800 and WUXGA screen. With these changes, LG hopes to enhance its sales.

G-PAD II 10.1 from LG AnnouncedImprovements with the G-Pad 10.1

With the new LG G-Pad II 10.1 with have a 2 GB RAM with internal memory of 16GB which is expandable via Micro SD Cards. Another enhanced feature of the new tablet is a 7400 mAh battery to enable use for longer hours.

A stylish new look

The new LG tablet will be thinner than the G-Pad 8. The weight of the tablet has also been reduced and it is 34 gm lighter than its predecessor. Loaded with Android 5.1.1 and pre-installed Microsoft office, the G-Pad II 10.1 will be easy to use.

Along with this, the tablet also comes with 100GB OneDrive storage capacity valid for 2 years. LG has said that the price of the product will be disclosed during the event in Berlin.… Read the rest

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Microsoft Lumia 940 & 940 XL to Launch on October 19? Surface Pro 4 Tablet, New Band May Join The Party

NPU reports that Microsoft is planning a grand event on October 19 when it will unveil a new Microsoft Band and the Surface Pro 4 tablet. It also expected that the company will launch two flagship handsets at the same event–the Microsoft Lumia 940 & Microsoft Lumia 940 XL. This means, the company is not just gearing up to take a lead in the smartphones market but it is also eyeing the market for hardware devices.

Microsoft Lumia 650 & 650 XL to launch in OctoberLumia phones to steal the show

While there are many reports about upcoming Lumia phones from Microsoft, the company continues to be tight-lipped about its plan for the October event. Sources in the know informed The Verge about the launch of new smartphones. Another Chinese site, WP Dang has claimed earlier that Microsoft plans to unveil multiple hardware devices at the event.

While the launch of a Band and the Surface Pro 2 will attract attention, the Lumia 940 and Lumia 940 XL will be the main attractions at this event.

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Specifications of these Lumia phones have already been leaked on the web, yet fans are anxiously waiting to get a glimpse of the devices.

Read about the devices here: Microsoft To Have Virtual Buttons On Lumia 940, Lumia 940 XL

We are also expecting to see the Surface Pro 4 tablet at this event. However, it is not likely to be a great deviation from its predecessor. It could get slimmer and lighter. Some improvisations may be found in its display or resolution.… Read the rest

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