Friday, June 14, 2024

T-Mobile to Sell Samsung Galaxy SIII Coming Friday

T-Mobile is all set to charm customers by setting Samsung Galaxy SIII for sale this Friday. And all you have to do is to sign a two year contract with the company to get your hands on the most coveted device from Samsung.
T-mobile said that in order to have the phone, firstly customers have to pay full price of it, later the company would be dispatching full value gift cards to the customers which can be used for purchase at the outlets where visa cards are accepted.
There are two plans customers can choose from. First is classic plan for $299.99 up front and second is unlimited value plan for $199.99.
Since the time it has launched Galaxy S3 has soared on the popularity charts. Till now Samsung has sold 30 million units of the phone worldwide.
Along with Samsung Galaxy S3 the other phones available for sale are Galaxy S Relay 4G, the Galaxy S II, the Galaxy S Blaze 4G and the Galaxy Exhibit 4G.
The only Samsung phone missing from the sale list is Samsung Galaxy Note 2. In this regards T-Mobile said “It is being discounted to $99 after signing up for a two-year Unlimited Value plan contract and sending in a mail-in rebate. It’s also available discounted to $199 for those who choose the classic plan and send in a rebate card”


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