Samsung Antutu benchmarkingThe online media has reveled results of an AnTuTu benchmarking report that reflects an unusual regard for the upcoming Samsung Galaxy Alpha and an unannounced one instead of the Samsung Galaxy S5 LTE-A available in Korea currently. According to the leak, the first product benchmarked is the unannounced one that is equipped with the Intel LTE Cat6 (Category 6) model. The second device is Samsung’s fashionable GALAXY Alpha, which is the latest device recently revealed by the company.

The Galaxy S5 LTE-A managed to get a decent 39712 points which is more than that of the GALAXY S5, the Note 3 and the HTC One M8. However, the recently announced Samsung Alpha scored lower than expected and its points stood at 33877 points. This is bit confusing as both devices are equipped with the same Exynos 5430 chipset.

There is a high possibility that Samsung is likely to have under clocked the processor to run slower with an aim to increase the duration of the puny 1850 mAh battery on the Alpha.

The companies that manufacture slimmer devices often make compromises in terms of performance, unless you control both the hardware and software like Apple.

We can say that the users of the GALAXY Alpha will not be looking at performance, but are more concerned about its looks as it is being marketed as a premium device for the fashionistas.

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