In June, Microsoft announced its new line of ultra thin tablet computers, which came as a shock to those who had no clue this was coming. Designed to give iPad tough competition, the new tablet from Microsoft sports the power of a PC in the slim body of a touch-screen tablet. Furthermore, it is also believed that Surface is going to give iPad a run for money. However, the question that arises is, if the Surface can help Microsoft get back to the position that it enjoyed in the past.

Surface tablet from Microsoft will be launched in two variants: the Surface and the Surface Pro. The difference between both the versions is that ‘The Surface’ shall only have access to some special touch-optimized apps that will include e-mails and some news sites- whereas, Surface Pro is a full powered Windows-based computer, where you can have access not only to apps but also to Windows-based applications.

With Surface, Microsoft aims to enter back in the market in a big way. The company wishes to give its customers their long preferred Windows based desktop but in a lighter, slimmer and portable manner. Once Surface hits the market, it is likely to be seen at lots of places-more so- because of its user-friendly interface. Furthermore, with Surface they can also have access to corporate systems that run on Windows.

However, it is also believed that Surface is more than important to Microsoft not only because this is the first time that the company is stepping into something new specially  because Surface demonstrates the company’s upcoming Windows 8 operating system. A source or two has also said that Windows 8 is so important to Microsoft that it decided to launch it itself on its own computer, rather than giving it to someone else.

It is also believed that if Surface meets the standards set for how a Windows 8 tablet should work like, chances are that the other would follow the suit. Furthermore, this will also strengthen the company’s position and put it back on stocks which have been stagnant since years.