Rooting your Android device lets you customize it much more and also lets you use the many root only apps available.

Samsung Galaxy S4

  • Start by downloading Motochopper onto your PC and then extract the contents of the file.
  • The latest Samsung USB drivers should be installed for your phone.
  • Ensure that the USB Debugging mode is activated on your phone. Do this by going to Setting>More>about device> and then Scroll down to the build number, tap it a few time quickly. A pop up will appear saying that Developer mode has been enabled then press the ‘back’ button once and developer options show up just above ‘about’. Now make sure Developer options is on, then turn on USB debugging, a pop up should come up, hit “OK”.
  • Now connect your phone and your PC via the USB port.
  • You must now go to the extracted directory and run “run.bat”.
  • You will now need to approve the ADB connection from your PC to your phone.
  • Follow the prompts in the command window that comes up. Remember to watch your device because it might ask you for permission from time to time.
  • If the process was successful your phone should now reboot.
  • Start having fun with your newly rooted Galaxy S4.


Samsung Galaxy Note 2

  • Start by downloading Note2 RootKit onto your PC.
  • Unzip the files from the kit into a folder on your desktop.
  • If you haven’t installed the Samsung drivers that you will need, the installation files can be found in the folder you just extracted the files into.
  • Now plug in your device; in the bottom half of the screen, in the system tray you should see the found new hardware symbol, click on details. Wait till there is a green check against all drivers. If they fail, start all over till all are checked green.
  • Now open the “Files to put on your phone” folder and copy “” to the external or the internal memory space on your phone.
  • Turn off your phone.
  • Now extract the and then run the file Odin3 v3.07 as administrator on your PC.
  • Activate download mode by holding down the volume down button, power button and home button at the same time.
  • Once again connect your phone to your PC by using the USB connection             .
  • Click on the PDA button and find “recovery.tar.md5” in your Root Note2 Folder.
  • Make sure that Auto Reboot and F. Rest Time are both unchecked.
  • Click the start button and wait while a recovery file is made.
  • Remove the battery and then disconnect your phone from the PC.
  • Install the battery and put your phone into recovery mode. Do this by pressing and then holding down the volume up button, power button and the (physical) home button at the same time. Watch the screen closely and release all 3 buttons as soon as you see the Samsung screen. If done correctly it will boot into recovery in about 10 to20 seconds. If you are too early or late the phone will boot normally and skip recovery in which case you must re do the process.
  • Now tap on install zip from sdcard or internal sdcard depending on whether you installed it into your internal or external memory.
  •  Scroll till you find “” click it and then select yes to install the recovery.
  • Once completed you must tap the “go back” button once and reboot your phone. Your phone will be rooted on the completion of the reboot, get ready to have fun!

Remember, root your phone on your own risk and if you need any help, check out the Android forums, you can find a lot of good advice and links to cool stuff.