A native of Chennai, Tamil Nadu in India, Sundar Pichai is now the new CEO of Google. While it is now known that Google will just concentrate only on the core businesses like search, Android, YouTube, apps, ads and maps, people all across the globe might be interested to learn about the new CEO. 

Sundar Pichai to lead GoogleSundar Pichai- 5 things you may like to know

Born on July 12, 1972, a bright student, Pichai completed his Metallurgical Engineering from IIT Kharagpur. Later he went to pursue MS from the prestigious Stanford University and then he entered Wharton School at Pennsylvania University for completing MBA. He started his term with Google in 2004 and was appointed as product management department’s vice-president.

In the year 2008, he became the man to lead the launch of Google Chrome. Four year later, in 2012, he also received added responsibilities of monitoring Google Apps.

Pichai was assigned the responsibility of Google Android in March 2013. Not just Android, Pichai also supervised the Android One project of Google.

By 2014, his dedication and expertise for the work also made the company to rely on him for all engineering and product responsibilities of its core products, except YouTube.

Though his term with Google has been quite impressive so far, many other Internet companies, especially Twitter tried to lure him to their venture. Yet, he never really got lured by other offers as Google’s counter-offers were much better.

With his patience, dedication and expertise, Pichai is now the CEO of Google.