Google CEO Sundar Pichai has issued a stern warning to all its employees pointing them to a new settlement between Alphabet Inc. and shareholders, who had raised doubts about the company’s management of claims of sexual misconduct and harassment. Pichai penned down a memo for the employees where he strictly affirmed that the company does not intend to go back in time. He said, “I hope these commitments will serve as a strong signal to all of you that we are not going back in time.” He further added, “ It’s very important to me that we hold ourselves to the highest possible standard as a workplace on issues of misconduct, and provide care and support to people who report it…I’ve been working closely with our teams and our board to ensure that we are doing this.”

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Alaphabet Inc in Deep Waters

The memo came a day after the company settled a lawsuit wherein the shareholders allegedly accused the board of mishandling the sexual harassment allegations against its executives. Google’s parent company was hit with a wave of lawsuits after The New York Times reported that an accused executive had received a $90 million exit package. As a part of the settlement, the company has decided that it will no longer be offering a severance package to any employee who is terminated for any form of misconduct or wrongdoing.

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The Step Forward For Google

Google is planning to channel $310 million toward diversity, equity and inclusion initiatives. it will also be implementing programs focused on increasing access to computer science education and careers. The aim here is to not only build a more representative workforce;, but also to create a more respectful, unbiased and inclusive workplace culture. Google wants to focus on and helping businesses from underrepresented groups to make it big in the digital economy and tech industry.Along with the aforementioned, all the companies covered under the Alphabet Inc. umbrella will conduct an annual review of their own individual policies and practices to make sure that the policies and practices are in conjunction with Alphabet’s guiding principles.

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“Together, Sundar, the DEI Advisory Council, and the Board will uphold Alphabet’s unwavering commitment to prohibit and respond effectively to complaints of sexual harassment, discrimination, and retaliation and promote diversity, equity, and inclusion in the workplace,” as mentioned in the official Google blog post.

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