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Summer Holiday Images for a Virtual Break

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Life has never been as unpredictable as today. The world has come to a standstill and we are all temporarily grounded. While Netflix is proving to be a good company, it was typically the time when we would head off for our summer holiday. So we have some summer holiday images and option you can explore the world virtually.

The Corona pandemic has forced us to try new mediums to explore the world. Thanks to the miracles of the internet, we can explore the beautiful world without actually stepping out of our bed. As countries have closed travel for international tourists, virtual tours are proving to be a solace for all travel freaks. Virtual tours can instantly transport you anywhere, from distant lands to historic museums, from mountain tops and deep caverns to beachy destinations. All these exclusive summer holiday images and experiences without having to wait in long queues. 

Travel the world without leaving your couch

Google Earth

With Google Earth for Chrome, you can fly to your favourite destination within seconds. Google Earth VR offers free exploration of hundreds of 3D cities right in your browser. Spool the dice and discover someplace new. You can also take a guided tour with the Voyager and create your own maps and stories for a wonderful online travel experience.


A web-based, free online geographic discovery game by BBC Travel that tests how well you know the world. As you take the test, their summer holiday images take you on a journey around the world. From the most desolate roads in Australia to the busy, bustling streets of New York City. They have covered it all. The contests top the experience as they test your ability to identify travel places.

This game will drop the player somewhere in the world, and then the participant has to recognize where they are based on the in-built cues. Your virtual self can walk around the city, visit streets and try to guess where you are using Google Maps.

For those with kids who love to travel, this is fun to do with the family. Not only is it full of adventure but also involves language, culture, and map information. Click on https://www.geoguessr.com/ to start your journey.

Panoramic photos of cities

360gigapixels.com is an online portal that presents gigantic panoramic photographs of cities around the world. The best part is that you can zoom all over your favourite city and see into windows. It is similar to walking down individual streets as the photos are full of life and colour. You can also check out some other amazing panoramic scenes at 360cities.net. It has world’s largest collection of stock 360 degree image and videos.

Explore parks and attractions

Take a trip to the great outdoors from, well, indoors. You can virtually explore national parks and famous attractions around the country, courtesy Google Arts & Culture, we can now take a trip to outdoors without actually having to leave our seat. The fantasy land online allows its users to virtually explore national parks around the world.

Options are available of virtual touring famous attractions around the globe to satiate the desire for travel and learning. Be it the  Statue of Liberty, the Grand Canyon, Mount Rushmore or Alcatraz Island, they are all accessible for free and without having to wait in long queues for your turn.  

While we are necessitated to sit at home, let’s not hold back our desire for adventure and discovery. Exploring the world online with these summer holiday images and options. It will only take us to our favourite country, but also help cope up with all the anxiety and fear this pandemic has brought with it.

Let’s not give up. Travel virtually, read more books and get transported into the little fantasy world where all is well.

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