The most-loved streaming giant of the home television audience, Netflix is now testing Netflix Pause Membership. The American technology and media services provider is now testing a feature that would allow users to pause their membership for a period of up to 10 months. Netflix is always bringing in new ways to improve the Netflix experience for its subscribers. The online streaming tycoon is known for implementing different types of tests in countries for different periods of time to see its usability as well as it advantages for its audience.

All About Netflix Pause Membership Feature

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Guaranteeing unlimited streaming of your favourite original Netflix series, Netflix pause membership feature will allow users to put a hold on their membership for up to 10 months. This means, that in case you are travelling or out of country, you will still be able to enjoy all the benefits once you resume the Netflix pause membership.

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  • The Netflix pause Subscription feature will be available on the website in the Account section.
  • The Netflix pause membership subscription will allow users to resume their Netflix membership within that 10 months duration. This means that the users will still have a clear access to their viewing history, preferences, ratings and recommendations.
  • The new Netflix pause membership will work on the similar lines of the current “cancel membership” option.
  • The new subscription feature will allow users to get back on board with a single click.

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The Main Catch Behind the Netflix Pause Membership

Once the feature is rolled out for the audience, users will be only able to pause their Netflix subscription atthe end of their billing cycles. This limitation of not allowing the users to advantage from the Netflix pause membership makes it quite similar to the video streaming platform’s cancel subscription feature as the company retains subscribers’ viewing history and other details for a span of up to 10 months after they have cancelled their subscription.

Stay tuned to know more about the advantages of Netflix Pause Membership once it is rolled out.

Description: Pause your Netflix membership for upto 10 months. Take full advantage of the Netflix Pause Membership feature.