Late Steve Jobs, the CEO of Apple seems to be enjoying his share of admiration, high up in the heavens. He has been portrayed as a star for a Japanese fashion line. This fashion line has portrayed Steve as a sexy anime girl on its range of t-shirts.

Steve Jobs depicted as sexy anime girl, because Japan can

This unisex range of t-shirts is now available in the market and the credit for bringing out this unique concept designed t-shirt goes to illustrators of Infinite Stratos and Xenosaga series. They perhaps took the idea from Chocolate Apple which is a manga biography of Steve written way back in 2011.

In his manga biography, Steve switched over his gender and appeared as a sexy Japanese girl. It was Choco, a Manga artist who created this unique concept and thereafter, the name Chocolate Apple went viral.

Despite all his admiration for Japanese culture, it is perhaps difficult to interpret as to why Steve agreed to be portrayed as a female character in his Manga biography. Though it is a reality that an attractive female depiction would have helped sell the product easily but the female personification of Steve did surprise his fans then, as it is doing now.

Much interesting news is still to follow as Steve is all set to appear in various forms on other merchandise. Meanwhile, if you need to purchase the “Jobko” t shirt, the same is available for $35. You can view the images here.

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