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“Steve Jobs Decided Google Maps To be Replaced By Apple Map App” Report

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Steve Jobs, former CEO, AppleWith the latest iOS 6, Apple also introduced its own Maps apps in place of Google Maps, which was its staple since the very beginning. Apparently and surprisingly, the Apple Maps app didn’t really go down well with users. The criticism and complaints regarding the maps’ lack of depth and knowledge crammed up the web, and Apple simply made a promise to work on making it better.

For those missing Google Maps on their iPhones, ever considered Steve Jobs could be behind it?

As per reported by Bloomberg BusinessWeek, Steve Jobs, former CEO and co-founder of Apple was the one who decided to swap Google Maps on the iPhone with its own maps application and had also initiated a secret team to work on the same.

The report also said that Jobs hated Google as he thought the latter was copying its iPhone features. In fact he was so furious that he wanted to remove Google search engine altogether from the iPhone, but backed away from the idea as he realized that users won’t really accept it.

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Perhaps, Apple should have realized how much people are going to miss Google Maps also, and shouldn’t have removed it, at least until its own Maps app was made as perfect as Google’s.

Also the fact that Apple started acquiring companies in 2009 to improve its mapping software clearly indicates that Jobs was at least aware of the effort. Though he gave the green signal, it was Tim Cook, the current CEO who took the initial decision to replace Google Maps.

Apple’s reasoning for this was the termination of its contract to license Google Maps. Now the question that lingers is that maybe Jobs would have extended this to another year, till the time Apple made its own app perfect.

Maybe it was the rising competition that initiated the Cupertino Calif.-based firm to take out its own app as it didn’t want to lag behind its rivals in any possible manner.

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Apple is currently the world’s most valuable firm with its shares closing at $671.45.

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