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Steam Machine vs PS4 Vs Xbox One: The Better Gaming Console Post CES 2014

806cf45d-de8e-4af1-9610-d40be9df9276Steam Machine gaming console has indeed taken the gaming world by storm. It now boasts of 65 million active users. The Steam Machine gamine console features open-source tools, for instance the SteamOS which can be used  by the player on any gaming rig and also one designed by the gamer himself.

At the Consumer Electronics Show 2014, Valve once an indie developer has transformed into a leading digital entertainment conglomerate. It started its well-planned shake –up of the gaming industry by launching the Steam Machine gaming console. It is also known for myriad renowned partners. Its announcements at the CES clearly suggest their efforts of bringing PC gaming to the wide, mainstream users.

The Sony PS4 still retains its leading position in the gaming industry. The Sony PS4 is known for exceptional gaming performance, proves to be value for money and also features an enhanced PlayStation Plus apart from DualShock 4 controller. The Sony PS4 is a big leap in the graphical department from the Sony PS3. The Sony PS4 also supports PS VITA Remote Play over the traditional WiFi.

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The Microsoft Xbox One effortlessly integrates live TV in an interesting and innovative way and is also engineered for controlling your satellite or cable box, receiver as well the TC. Most of the games available come with distinctly enhanced graphics as those seen on the Xbox 360. The Microsoft Xbox One has a faintly better roster of some exclusively available launch games as compared to Sony’s PS4s.

The Xbox One does not restrict itself to gaming alone. With its ambitious and futuristic live TV integration, it has certainly created a stir in the gaming industry. However, it does not seem to be beating its arch rival Sony PS4 owing to an higher price tag as well as unbalanced voice control.


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