Starbucks Sells Ceramic Mugs That Keep Your Beverage At Right Temperature

Can you imagine drinking coffee in a mug that keeps your beverage at the perfect temperature from the first sip to the last drop? This imagination can turn into reality. Ember Technologies, a design led temperature control company is determined to take heat control technology to another level. Its latest invention called Ember Ceramic Mug controls the temperature of a liquid you pour inside it. Starbucks in selling the new mug at $88, find one for the nearest outlet. The coffee company is also offering Ember Ceramic Mug as Good to Gift Exclusive this year.

We know that, there are already a number of manufacture and retailers selling USB-powered electronic coffee mug warmer. However, the new Ember Ceramic Mug by Ember is revolution the way people drink a beverage. Electronically heat and temperature control food and beverage containers may bethe next big lifestyle change influenced by increasing penetration of technology into our lives.
However, the Ceramic mug is not the actual the real invention. It is designed on the former mug called Ember Mug  by the Ember Technologies. The original device was almost double the price of the new one. It costs $150, not affordable to many. It has similar technological features and is travel-friendly, whereas the new ceramic mug is designed to be used in home or at desk. Ember mug is unlike Ceramic, it doesn’t work on app rather it works as Ember watch which can be used directly to set timings.

ember mug

Ember Ceramic Mug

The Ember Ceramic Mug comes for $79.95. It is a beautifully designed mug that you can place on your desk like any regular mug. It can contain 10 oz of liquid and weighs 0.75lb. It is 4.2×3.25×4.3 inches in size. It can heat a beverage in the temperature ranging between 120 degrees Fahrenheit and 145 degrees Fahrenheit. It is IPX7 rated even when fully submerged in water. It can be cleaned simply with hands.

Ember App

The new coffee mug can also be used with Ember App, which notifies a user about the temperature of his drink. This app can help you do a number of tasks remotely. The tasks includes setting ideal temperature for drink, selecting personalized LED color, reset temperature for different drinks and switch between Celsius and Fahrenheit. The white Ember Ceramic mug comes with a charging coaster.


Ember Ceramic mug is available at Starbucks or you can order it from Ember’ official website. The original Ember mug was sold well, irrespective of its high cost. It went out of stock in just two weeks. Ember plans to sell 1 million Ceramic cups in a year.
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