Sunday, July 14, 2024

Stage Set For Ubuntu-OS Smartphone Debut—October Date With Canonical’s Wonder Baby

For Ubuntu, time seems to have taken on power wings. Right after the speculations over which carrier Canonical would pick as its better half, the company is being expected to launch its Ubuntu device—a possible smartphone, silly—in “two large geographic markets” by coming October. A long-drawn pre-ponement from the earlier set target of 2014.

However, what got our palms itching was the thought of which markets could be blessed with the Ubuntu-OS phone this October. The jab goes on USA, for sure but nothing confirmatory has been issued on this speculation.

From what we know, Ubuntu could re-define the ‘whole-phone-thing’. Based entirely on gesture-sensitivity, the phones on this platform would come sans lock screen or home button! Canonical seems to rely on innovation in design more than anything else. From what saw birth from the seed of Japanese architecture, gesture based controls could be the next big thing that world takes to.

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