After making its debut in the MAD magazine, the famous spies now return to the small screen with their app, which will make all the people ROFL… Will the game version stand up to the original? Find out…

Nobody can really forget the memories of the white and black spies, which could tickle the most hard faced man on this planet. The original spies, who made their debut in the MAD magazine, have gone on to product commercials, video games, and even TV shows as well. And now, they have come in a new avatar as the Spy vs. Spy app released on the iPhone and iPad as well. And what’s more, it is a game designed for two! A multiplayer format released by the developer Robots and Pencils Inc. is the most wonderful addition to this game as its success lies in two gamers battling each other as the resourceful ‘spies’.

The app allows players to arrange their buttons as per their own preference. One can do it by tapping the settings on the main menu or alternatively can try it by pausing the game play and tapping Controls directly. The game, which was initially launched in July 2012, has been modified for gamers with some new additions such as a joystick and a new control scheme, which facilitates its multiplayer game play. On the interface, you would have a cool set of four buttons arranged for facilitating the game play.

The triangular-nosed characters have been renowned for quite some time and many would be familiar with their video games as well. And that is why many fans would love to toy with the unique characters in this new app.

It is rare that people quit games in between and more so if it is a grueling duel of this nature. And yes, if you are worried about the fact that your opponent may quit or just desert you in between, the game has even got a rule which punishes the quitter with a loss on their account on leaving it in between.

The new set of improvisations will really make a difference to this game. And when the swords and clubs are not in use, you can always new strategies to attack your opponent. The game is available both for iPhone and iPad at a cool price of 8 Hong Kong dollars. You would require an iOS 4.1 or a more advanced version for trying it on your device. Following its revisions, the game returns in a better format and with the wily characters trying to outsmart each other, it would be one riot on your screen. And of course, you and your best mates can have a go at each other with the help of these fellows. The fans are loving it and every one’s playing it so what are you waiting for? Come join the fight between the white and black, testing it out for you on who gives a better smack! Enjoy the battle of the spies!