New announcements about the rollout of 4G LTE data network by Sprint mean that more expansions of coverage to 22 new cities like Miami, Tampa and New Orleans and several more to be followed in the coming months.

Most of the new LTE coverage is being set up in warmer climate cities, with a few cities like Raleigh were also included. There is a possibility of another 13 markets to be added in the near future. The data usage that is predicted to account for 99 percent of the global mobile traffic by 2014 prompted Sprint to build up high-speed 4G LTE network to meet demand.

Bob Azzi, the senior vice president of at Sprint stated in a press release that Sprint would bring more LTE buildout nationwide through its latest technology to provide improved wireless service into the compact and energy efficient cell sites.

Currently offering 4G LTE service in 110 US markets including Los Angeles, Boston, Dallas and Puerto Rico, Sprint plans to offer its services to the cities like New York and San Francisco covering nearly 200 million people by the end of 2013.

“Truly Unlimited” data plan, a $100 rebate just for switching to Sprint and signing a two-year contract are some of the strategies followed by Sprint to attract subscribers from the other big telecoms.