Ian Roger Quits As Apple Music Executive Barely Two Months Since He Joined

Music is a great healer. Several music streaming options are out in the market today and competition is tough. This is music to the ear of us listeners, right? We have some great music available to us at low or no cost. There’s ample options of better and better music streaming services available. Apple Music, Spotify, Wink and Gaana. All of them offer some great music in unique categories with exciting playlists. While there are several music streaming options available in the market, Spotify and Apple Music are global competitors. We decided to weigh in on the two big music streaming services Apple Music and Spotify. 

Let’s weight in the better music streaming service  


  1. Apple Music and Spotify offer a-la-carte music streaming to users in high quality. While
  2. Both work well with low speed internet connections, even though the format and bit rate are not the same. Apple hasn’t claimed any bitrates but Spotify streams has three different options — ~96 kbps, ~160 kbpsand ~320 kbps. Spotify offers these in the Ogg Vorbis format, though the highest caliber is limited to paid Premium subscribers.


  1. They offer good quality music
  2. It’s easy to find and create playlists
  3. While Apple Music has a sleek look, users of Spotify also enjoy its unique user interface
  4. Pricing for Spotify and Apple Music remains similar. However, Apple Music offers 3 slabs.