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Sports on Your Mind? Here are the Best Tech Sneakers of 2019

Ever heard of a smart shoe? Yes, digitally-connected smart shoes are out in the market to help you track fitness, evaluate your heath. The comfort from these shoes is a given. So what’s new with the best tech sneakers of 2019?

Smart shoes have become a fad with shoe companies consistently re-energizing the market with tech-infused footwear. They are incorporating different technologies to enhance features like breathability, shock absorption, and water resistance along with innovative design and latest construction technology.

Millennial are setting the trend and the show game has definitely changed. Today, we prefer comfort, style, and functionality.

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Top 5 tech sneakers of 2019

Puma Hybrid Astro

Nothing less than rocket launchers on your feet, the Puma Hybrid Astro is a thick, bulky trainer with a high-rebound midsole. The tech sneakers have been designed using PU and TPU to provide ample energy return along with the bouncy ride. The shoe company has also embedded innovative and customizable net lacing technology for multiple lacing options and to ensure optimal fit with the rubber outsole for grip. No doubt, with so the cutting-edge tech built-in by Puma has surely made these tech sneakers a power engine.

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Puma Men’s Hybrid Astro Grey Running Shoes

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Mizuno Wave Prophecy 8

One of the best running shoes in the world, Mizuno’s Wave Prophecy 8 has a full-length Wave plate that disperses impact forces across the shoe, thus making it a suitable companion of runners and hard-hitting heel strikers. The tech sneaker has a layer of EVA-based foam atop the plate that guarantees cushion and comfort.

A blown rubber outsole ensures superb durability, traction, and greatest performance. The shoes includes every technology and luxury Mizuno has to offer and surely outlasts the traditional EVA foam-based shoe.

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Mizuno Men’s Wave Prophecy Black Running Shoes-8 UK/India (42 EU) (J1GC160003)

Mi Shoes

Designed with breakthrough 5-in-1 Uni-Moulding technology, the latest Mi shoes are slip resistant. Theses tech sneakers are created with the help of Uni-Moulding process that uses 5 different materials to reduce the damage caused due to daily wear and tear. This technology makes the shoe more durable as the stitching remains intact for a long time. Moreover, the unique fishbone structure makes them twist resistant and adds a solid grip, thus making it easier to wash and clean.

Available in three colours, the comfortable cushioning by Mi makes the tech sneakers not only gives the much-needed arch support but also reduces the chances of sprains while running a marathon. The uni-body suspension balancing patch abets any shock during a workout and the sponge lining ensures solid grip.

Dealfreez Mijia Shoes

These lace-up shoes come with an intelligent chip. In-built Amazfit/Huami smart chips in the shoes give them the intelligence required to monitor the wearer’s activity. The smart chips help to detect movement. They also have the ability to store data related to your activity such as the distance covered, speed and calories count.

The shoes are made breathable with elastic knitting fabric. The arch of the foot has a fish bone design, while the soles make then anti-slip. Connect these shoes to your phone using the mi fit app.

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Dealfreez Mijia Smart Mens Sports Running Shoes Grey UK 9 with Intelligent Chip

Vivobarefoot: Primus Lite Bio

This latest line of plant-based performance sneakers are the best tech sneakers. With an aim to use 90% sustainable materials across all their products by 2020, the company has designed the Primus Lite Bio using the power of plants to deliver a extraordinary performance shoe that allows you to be in touch with the ground beneath your feet. The tech shoes are made using repurposed algae to benefit your feet and the planet.

These shoes are completely vegan and extremely light and environment-friendly. The tech sneaker of 2019 is, in fact, the first petroleum reliant performance shoe in the world and weighs only 458.9g.

Nike Zoom X Vista Grind

For Nike, bigger is always better. This new breed of lifestyle shoes. Available in bolt green colour, the future shoes is designed by combining distinct style and radical comfort. The tech sneakers are great for running around the city as they share the same DNA as the Vaporfly series.  Along with a synthetic upper with an extra-bulky, alienesque sole, the midsole of the Nike’s X Vista Grand is designed using recycled ZoomX foam from the production cycle. These cushy urban trainers are ultralight and promise energetic steps every time you move.

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