As the holiday season is around the corner, the sale of gaming consoles have increased rapidly. The two giants in the world of gaming consoles, Xbox 360 and PS4 n are ready to go head bang with each other, as both of them are ready with something new for the users. However, there is news that Play station will get the cutting edge in the market as they are offering their PS4 at a price of 400 dollars in comparison to Xbox One that is priced at 500 dollars.

The view of the experts

It is been reported that the worldwide market sale of the gaming consoles will be higher than what it was in the year 2012. Costing of these consoles is considered the major factor for the change. The directors of Xbox One  and PS4 are stating that features would again be another segment that will be the point of consideration while purchasing consoles.

The research analysis

IDC has done some research work on the popularity of gaming consoles and found that China would be lifting the ban after thirteen years on consoles, which in result will lead to increase of hardware for all the major game players in the market. This change will happen in the next three years.