Electronics giant Sony has been involved in manufacturing many android smart phones lately, but recent reports point to the possibility that their next phone will have the Windows operating system in place of the latest version of Android.

If this is true, then Nokia will have to handle a strong contender. Nokia had moved to manufacturing Windows operated smart phones after Samsung began their foray into Android phones. This move was done by Nokia in order to hold on to their fast diminishing market shares. 

The Information, a news site on technology stated that Sony will launch this phone some time in mid 2014 and Microsoft has partnered with them to boost the Windows OS so that it can compete with iOS and Android. In fact, Microsoft has even approached ZTE and has also reduced their fees for licensing software. ZTE has developed the Windows phone before but Microsoft is hoping that they will do even more for Sony.

Sony has been planning their Windows phone since 2012, but has only made things more concrete recently- the Windows phone has managed to capture 5% of the smart phone market which is growing. So if Sony finalizes their plans, the Windows operating system will hopefully get a bigger increase in this market share.