526524_158455897640259_1818550453_nExclusive Motion Shot, the Z1 app can now be used on Xperia and other beand devices to capture continuous images. Xperia Tablet Z previewed the Xperia themes and the new model of Xperia 201 is unveiled.

 2014 Xperia Flagship Smartphones

The Indonesia website unveiled two new Xperia gadgets, out of which one is the flagship release of 2014. D650X along with D6503 will be the smartphone flagship series which may lead to the release of Xperia Z2 Avatar white the other mid-range versions of Xperia will include D53XX, D5322 and D5303.

 While compared to the 2013 releases, the C650X was Xperia ZL, C660X was Xperia Z and C530X was Xperia SP, Sony has changed the first letter to make it look like a new set of Xperia series. 

Xperia Z1 Mini comes with a new model number of D5503. This means three smartphones are being released in the coming year along with Mini. Sony will unveil its new gadget range at the MWC of 2013 or earlier on the CES 2014.

 Motion Shot Feature

Motion Shot is an amazing spec of Xperia Z1 that permits the users to make a small movie by using the movement in one still image like a constant picture. Fortunately, other Xperia smartphone users can make use of the same spec on their gadgets on the Android 4.0.4 ICS operating system or higher ones. The app will also work on non- Xperia gadgets using Android OS.

 Xperia Z2 forum members displayed Motion Shot installer for those who want to try.

 Xperia Themes

Official Android 4.3 firmware for Xperia range will be receiving new Xperia themes, set up with customised user interface package available at the Sony Select app.  Preview of the themes was available on Xperia Tablet Z before the release of Android 4.3 Jelly Bean. The theme includes wallpapers, along with personalisation of Xperia gadgets supporting Android 4.3 Jelly Bean